Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sasha Con -- Report 1

Daddy John: Well, we've so far survived the 2018 Sasha Festival.  Our first!  Upon arrival the first day, we felt a little overwhelmed and so stood off to the sides in the beginning.  However, a number of other attendees were nice enough to march right over to us and introduce themselves, and that did the trick.  We also made sure to seek out other Sashaphiles we've met through our blog and the Facebook group.

Since it was our first festival, Steve brought Sasha, his first boy with him and I brought mine, Benjamin Roy (BR).  All four of us were so excited to be there that I forgot to take any photos!

I got it together on Day 2.  I brought my second boy, Pete Dakota and Steve had no choice but to bring Emile.  Emile had been insisting the entire time since we registered that he simply must be taken along in order to meet Dr. Pat (Pellerito).

Pete Dakota: I've got your raffle tickets for you, Daddy John!
Emile: Oui!  I shall tell you which items to bid upon.

This year's special display was themed Four Seasons of Sasha and there was a chance for photo ops once the display dolls left to get some dinner.  Pete jumped right in and even the normally reserved Emile joined in.

Pete Dakota: How come we never get to go to the lake?

Emile: I must pick out ze best citrouille for zis year's Jacques-O'Lantern.

Emile: Zut alors!  Eet ees très froid!
Pete: And it's cold, too.  Daddy John!  It's almost time for the auction!

Indeed, it was time for the auction.  I had my eye on a motorcycle that was up for bid 'cause I knew BR would just love it.  He gets so little opportunity to wear his leather jacket...

Drat.  Outbid.  I hope BR isn't too disappointed.

However, I did win my second choice item--an outfit from the 2015 Sasha Festival.  Pete Dakota has promised to model it at the dinner tonight, but he also wanted to give a little preview...

Pete: See y'all at the chuckwagon, pardners!  Strap on them feedbags, y'hear?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer Fashion Review

Daddy Steve:  The great changeover at Gregoropolis is complete.  Just in time for the official start of the season, all of the boys are now in summer clothes (the girls are another story - they're constantly changing outfits).  Of course, not everyone can wear something brand new, but it is important that they got outfits that are 'new to them' (unless it's not - more on that later).  It can be a rather complex operation, worthy of one of Charles's spreadsheets.

Some highlights---

Both Ravi and Patrick are pleased with their outfits.  Ravi thinks that his summer colors are very evocative of India, while Patrick likes the New England seaside vibe and cool linen looks of both his shirt and shorts.

Ravi: I love these colors!
Patrick: I'm ready for the clambake!

Miguel and Sasha are wearing the complimentary outfits that Ravi and Patrick had on last summer.

Miguel: We like to coordinate.
Sasha: But not dress exactly the same--so people can tell us apart!

Tyler and Charles are less thrilled with their matchy-matchy look, even though Daddy Steve thinks it's adorable.

Charles: It's okay, I guess.
Tyler: I think it's dorky.

Oh, well.  Can't win 'em all.

We continued the Spider-Man theme for Frank, while Mikko got a crisp nautical look.  Although, I don't know how practical those white shorts will be for him...

Frank: My 'Spidey-sense' is tingling!
Mikko: If my shorts get too dirty, I'll just turn them inside out.

Kaveh loves trains and has been wearing his train shirt for several seasons.  This year he turned it over to John Martin in favor of a shirt with a more general transportation theme.

Kaveh: It still has trains, so that's okay.
John Martin: Toot toot!

I got Paul's rabbit print shirt for Easter, but it's a delightful summer look.  Holly Belle thinks that she and Paul make a particularly striking couple.

Holly Belle: We could be on the cover of 'Doll Vogue.'
Paul: Or GQ (Gregor Quarterly).

Of course, some of the boys stick with the tried-and-true, for any number of reasons.

Blake: I like purple.
Robin: I like music.
Rolf: I do not like change.

We did have one fashion near disaster.  Somehow, Emile ended up with the same ensemble he wore last summer.  Admittedly, he put it on late in the season, but that made no difference to him.

Emile: Wear last year's fashion?  Très gauche!

A quick shirt swap with Luke solved the problem.

Emile: Oui, oui, that ees better.  I do 'ave a reputation to uphold.
Luke: You're funny.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Something's Up...

Daddy John:  My three boys are generally well-behaved.

L to R: BR, Pete Dakota, and Stephen Orange

But, like all boys of a certain age, they sometimes need reminders to finish their chores.  Several reminders, in fact.

However, I noticed this week's chores were done without me having to utter a single word.

Benjamin Roy took Annabelle for her walk...

BR: Don't eat the flowers, Annabelle!
Annabelle: >Boof<

Pete Dakota made his bed...

Pete Dakota: Anthony asked me if I was doing hospital corners. I told him to stop being silly; we live in a house!

...and Stephen Orange not only set the dinner table, he volunteered to make dinner!

Stephen Orange: I'm making chicken hot dish and using Grandma's recipe.

Call me a suspicious daddy, if you must...then it struck me.  I haven't decided on whom I'm bringing along to the 2018 Sasha Festival yet.  I think each one is angling to be my companion!  

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Farmer McGregor

Daddy Steve: Here in our garden at Gregoropolis, everything is growing very nicely (including the weeds).  It has inspired Giancarlo to do a bit of gardening himself.

Giancarlo: I would like to grow some fresh herbs like basil and parsley.  I wonder if anyone would like to help me?

Giancarlo: Say Wyatt, do you have a green thumb?
Wyatt: No, but I have a green shirt!
Giancarlo: Close enough, I guess.

Predictably, Emile must add his opinion.

Emile: You should also plant French herbs like ze chervil and tarragon, to make le sauce Béarnaise.
Giancarlo: Go plant yourself.

Giancarlo: Okay, we have seeds here for basil and Italian parsley.
Wyatt: What will use them for?
Giancarlo: Fresh herbs are so much better than dried.  Fresh basil is wonderful on pizza and bruschetta.  Parsley is good in many different things.
Wyatt: Mmmm, I like pizza!

The boys get to work planting.

Giancarlo: We need to till the soil so it's nice and loose.

Giancarlo: The seeds shouldn't be planted too deep; just barely covered with soil.
Wyatt: Like this?
Giancarlo: Yes, exactly.

Giancarlo: Now we keep them watered and wait for the plants to come up.
Wyatt: This is exciting!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Doughnut Day

Daddy Steve: June 1st is National Doughnut Day here in the United States.  This special day originated in 1938 as a Salvation Army fundraiser, and to honor the Salvation Army 'Lassies' of World War I who served doughnuts to soldiers.

During the first World War, Salvation Army volunteers traveled to France to set up canteens/social centers to meet the needs of U.S. soldiers.  Part of their work involved distributing doughnuts to the troops.

Frank would like to encourage everyone to celebrate this special day by having their favorite doughnut (which is never a bad idea on a Friday, anyway).

Frank: Glazed, powdered sugar, chocolate frosted, jelly or custard-filled, sprinkles...Mmmmmmm!  One day just isn't enough to celebrate doughnuts!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Angelo Update: Cool and Comfortable

Daddy Steve: As predicted, Angelo's navy sweater did not last long.  Memorial Day weekend in our area often tends to be cool and rainy.  However, Saturday, the temperature in Minneapolis hit 94° F (34.4° C). 

The sweater looked completely absurd, so it simply had to come off.  Pulling tight clothing off over the head of an elderly brunette doll is not a task I particularly relish.  Angelo's hair seems to be good and stable, but who wants to tempt fate?  I carefully removed the sweater, stretching the collar as wide as I could.  Thankfully, not one hair was lost.  As a reward, I dressed him in a Dollydoodles outfit (the only one we own). 

If I were a Gregor, I think I would want to wear nothing but Dollydoodles in the summer as they seem so cool and comfortable (Daddy Steve is at an age where the balance tipped long ago from fashion to comfort).

Total comfort.  And the sandals finally look good.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The 50-Year Wedgie

Daddy Steve: Spring has finally arrived in Gregoropolis, and with it warmer weather.  That means it's time to change the boys into summer outfits.  This is a big project for us--one that requires a lot of thought and planning.

Blake: I don't like this color.
Sebastian: I wore this last summer.
Daddy Steve: Good grief!

I especially needed to put some thought into what to do with Angelo.  He's a lovely early 1968 Denims boy. I named him Angelo because I think his eyes make him look like a little angel.

Very angelic eyes

He came to live with us last fall and so far I've resisted the temptation to change him out of his original clothes.  I've said before that I've never been a fan of the denims outfit--the individual parts are fine, but in my opinion they don't work very well together.  

Nevertheless, he looked so pristine that I hated to change his clothes.  It did annoy me that his jeans never stayed up properly.  They always sat very low and exposed his underwear--quite possibly the worst fashion trend ever.

Little Mr. Saggy Pants

Once I removed Angelo's jeans, I could see why they fit so poorly.  Compared to our other original jeans, they inseam on this pair was about a half-inch higher!  Inside, the sewing was kind of a mess.  Obviously some poor Stockport seamstress wasn't having the best day when she made these.  It also explained why he looked angelic; he's been a martyr to a severe wedgie for the last half-century!

Ouch!  Very little crotch room (shown with another pair of jeans underneath).

A big uncomfortable knot of fabric inside.

One martyr to another.
Angelo: Amico, I feel your pain.

In effort to make him more comfortable and give him a summery look, I replaced his jeans with a dressy pair of shorts made by Marti Murphy.  I think it's a classic look, very similar to some original studio doll outfits I've seen.  It also makes his remaining original clothes look better; particularly the early white sandals.  

Most importantly, Angelo feels much more comfortable now.  Though I have a feeling that before the summer is over that sweater will be coming off for good.

Angelo: Ah, what a relief!

Frederick: Oh yes, quite stylish.
Kaveh: Very smart indeed.