Friday, October 12, 2018

Take Your Gregor To Work Day

Daddy John:  Pete Dakota wanted to see where I work, so asked if he could join me in the office today.  Although I told him it wasn't very interesting and he might get bored, he persisted.  He had a shirt and tie picked out, but I'm afraid I disappointed him when I said I don't wear a tie.  In fact, because it's Friday, we are allowed to wear jeans in the office.

He replied with a subdued "Mmmf," and we settled on a nice button-down shirt and jeans for him.

First things first.  We arrived at my office building and hung up our jackets at my cubicle...

Pete wandered around to get the lay of the land.  One nice thing about having a bit of seniority: I get a window in my cube!

Pete Dakota: How high up are we?
Daddy John: We're on the 9th floor.
Pete: Wow.
Daddy John: You know what they say: 'The higher the floor, the closer you are to heaven.'
Pete: Huh?
Daddy John: Never mind, buddy.

Pete: You sure have a lot of papers on your desk.

Pete: Three computer screens?  Boy, Stephen Orange would love a set-up like this!  He could do all sorts of research on his fish.

(Stephen Orange wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up)

Pete: You have a very nice cubicle, Daddy John.
Daddy John: Thanks, buddy.

Pete: That's a messy drawer.
Daddy John: Hey!  Get out of there!

I had to run to a brief meeting, so Pete kept himself busy by sketching out some future painting project ideas.  I heard much mumbling & grumbling coming from his direction.

Finally, 4:00pm.  Quittin' time!

Pete: Bye, cubicle!  Is it Happy Hour now?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Gotz School

Anthony: All right, class, it's time for mathematics.  Today we are going to talk about inequalities.  Please observe: five is less than seven, but five is greater than three.  Rolf, what is three to nine?

Rolf: Umm, umm...ooh, it is so hard!

Anthony: Think about it this way, Rolf.  Imagine the symbol is like a crocodile's open mouth.  Now, a crocodile is always going to want to eat the biggest thing, so the 'mouth' will always be 'open' to eat the larger number, you see?

Rolf: Crocodile?!  Where?!?
Paul: Climbing up your leg.


Rolf: Oh!  You scared me!
Paul: I'm sorry, Rolfie.
Rolf: >sniff, sniff< ... Well, it's okay...

Anthony: All right, all right, everyone.  Let's all settle down now.  Gino, can you tell us the answer?

Gino: I think first we must talk about the crocodile and why he is being so greedy.  Does he not care that other crocodiles may go hungry because he wishes to eat all the numbers himself?

Anthony: >Sigh<  This is going to be a long year.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Never Mess With A Posh Girl

Daddy Steve: Normally Daphne is cool and composed.  Nothing ever seems to upset her.

Daphne: You see, sweetie, I'm rather posh.  We posh folk are just naturally blasé about everything.

The other day, however, something happened that set her blood a-boiling.  It started when she, Miguel, and Sasha were studying an art history book...

Sasha: Look at that!

Miguel: That's a statue of Apollo and Daphne, by the sculptor Bernini.
Daphne: That's my name!  What's happening to her?
Miguel: She's turning into a tree.  You see, Apollo was consumed with desire for Daphne, but she wasn't interested in him.  He pursued her, and when she could no longer run away she turned into a tree to escape him.

Sasha: Gosh!
Daphne: Hmmmm.  Is that so?
Miguel: Um, well, according to mythology.  Eep.

Sasha: Where are you going?
Daphne: I've got something to say to somebody!

Daphne: Oi, mate, if you think I'm going to turn into a tree just because of you, then you've got another thing coming!

Holly Belle: You go, girl!
Daisy: What did he say?
Daphne: Oh, he just stood there, stone-faced.
Ann Marie: Hmmmf.  Men!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fashion or Food?

Daddy Steve:  When girls started moving into Gregoropolis earlier this year, I rather naively assumed that things wouldn't change much clothing-wise.  My girls were all likely to be on the tomboyish side and wear the same outfits as the boys.  Or so I thought. 

Boy, was I wrong...

Holly Belle: Daddy Steve gets the most outlandish ideas sometimes!
Meghan: Well, he is getting up there in years.

Yes, all my girls are big fans of 'cute little dresses.'  Except one...

Rhoda: Dresses?!  Blech!

Rhoda absolutely refuses to wear dresses.  The other girls have tried to persuade her to no avail.

Daisy: But you would look so pretty in this.  Won't you at least try it on?
Rhoda: NOOOOOOOO!!! You're not turning me into a cake!
Frederick: What does she mean by that?
Daphne: Oh, who knows with that girl.

Eventually we figured out that Rhoda was referring to 'doll cakes' -- those rather odd but popular features of a little girl's birthday party .  They're basically a mound-shaped cake decorated to resemble a ball gown with a 12-inch fashion doll trapped stuck in the center.

Rhoda is firmly determined that this will not happen to her.

Harriet: It does seem rather messy.
Frank: If I could eat my way out, I'd wear that dress!
Meghan: You're so weird, Frank.

The girls managed to convince Rhoda to give 'separates' a try.  Ann Marie is a stickler for details (she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up); she successfully argued that a dress and a skirt & top combo were two different things.

Ann Marie: Oh yes, that looks so lovely on you!  Doesn't she look lovely?
Oliver: Huh? Oh, yeah, very nice.
Holly Belle: Now don't you feel pretty?
Rhoda: Blech!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gino's Pizzeria

Daddy Steve: The basil that Wyatt and Giancarlo planted this spring has done extremely well.

Wyatt: Wow!  Look how big it grew!
Giancarlo: We do have a green thumb after all.

So, we've been enjoying the flavor of fresh basil here at Gregoropolis.  It's wonderful in a simple salad of chopped tomatoes and a splash of vinaigrette.  

The boys really wanted to try it on homemade pizza.

Wyatt:  Yeah, I love pizza!
Giancarlo: Let's ask Gino if he'll help us.

Gino: Of course I know all about making pizza!  After all, my name is Gino, isn't it?

Gino: The secret to great pizza is in the crust.  First, you have to twirl it like this.
Giancarlo: How do you do that?!
Gino: Years of practice, amico

Gino: Okay, it's ready to bake.  We'll top it with the basil after we take it out of the oven.
Giancarlo: To preserve the fresh flavor?
Gino: Precisamente!

Gino: And now, finito!
Wyatt: It smells delicious!

Frank: >sniff, sniff<  I smell pizza.
Giancarlo: It must be good if it woke him up!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Little Raja

Daddy Steve: Ravi is very proud of his Indian heritage, and he likes to share it with the other kids here in Gregoropolis.

Tyler: What smells so good?
Ravi: I'm making Chana Masala; it's a traditional Indian dish made with chick peas.
Mikko: I didn't know peas came from chicks.

Ravi: The Taj Mahal was built in Agra, India, between 1631 - 1653 by the Shah Jahan.  
It's considered the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired 
masterpieces of the world's heritage.
Blake: It's amazing!
Daphne: So beautiful!

I thought it would be nice to have an authentic Indian outfit made just for him.  Actually, it was Ravi's best friend Patrick's idea...

Patrick: I know just what Ravi would like.

Together we perused the internet to gather some general ideas.  We knew that we wanted a kurta, a traditional straight-cut, loose shirt that falls just above the knees.  We also wanted a vest or waistcoat in a richly embellished fabric.  We took these vague ideas and gave them to sewing virtuoso Marti Murphy, who worked her magic.

The kurta is a lovely blue color; while the vest is a rich paisley brocade trimmed in gold braid.

For shoes we dug out Robin's old Prince Gregor shoes, which we had carefully packed away.  I never thought we would use them again, but they were perfect for this outfit!

Robin: I know they're in here somewhere!

Ravi was thrilled with his new clothes and couldn't wait to try them on.

Ravi: Oh, wow!  These are so cool!

Ravi: Well?  How do I look?

Patrick: Very stylish!
Kaveh: Very regal.
Frederick: Eat your heart out, Dev Patel!

Many thanks to Marti Murphy for this beautiful outfit.  We couldn't be more pleased!

Ravi: Namaste.

Friday, August 31, 2018

A Style Icon

Robin (whispering): Remember, girls like it when you compliment them on their appearance.
John Martin Okay, yeah.

Robin: Good afternoon, Holly Belle.  How are you today?
Holly Belle: Couldn't be better.  And yourself?
Robin: Oh, we're fine.  <ahem>
John Martin: Oh! Yes. Well.  Hi, Holly Belle.  Gee, that's a lovely dress you're wearing.

Holly Belle: Oooh, why thank you, John Martin!  Actually, I've had this old thing for simply ages.  Practically forever, now that I think about it.  Daddy Steve wanted me to wear it so he could take some pictures.  He says it's an 'eye tonic' look.

John Martin: Um, what?
Robin: Ah, I wonder if he meant that it's iconic.
Holly Belle: Hmmm, maybe. certainly doesn't soothe my eyes.

Holly Belle: You, however, are very easy on the eyes, John Martin!
John Martin: >Gulp!<
Robin: Oh, boy...

Daddy Steve:  And with that turn of events, we leave you with a picture of Holly Belle wearing a newly arrived dress from A Passion For Sasha; her bribe for agreeing to wear her old dress.

Holly Belle: 'Bribe' is such a coarse word.  I prefer the term 'cooperation.'