Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mystery Boy

Recently, a mysterious stranger knocked at our front door.

Mystery Boy:  I wonder if anyone is at home.

Frank: Oh, hello little boy.
Mystery Boy: Hello Sir; my name is Luke.  Me and my dog were wondering if we could have a drink of water and rest here for a minute.
Frank:  What's your dog's name?
Luke: Krakatoa.
Krakatoa:  Yip! Yip!
Frank:  Wait here, please.

Frank:  Hey Robin, there's some little hippy boy at the front door.
Robin:  Did you tell him that we've already made a donation to Clean Water Action?
Frank:  He's not with them.  He and his dog Krakatoa just want to rest here a while.
Bowie:  'Krakatoa?'  Isn't that the name of a volcano?
Robin:  Very curious.  Let's invite him in.

Luke:  Thank you for your hospitality.  We really appreciate it.
Krakatoa:  Yip-yip.
Robin:  So tell us, Luke, have you been on your own for some time?
Luke:  Oh yeah, quite a while; ever since we escaped.
Frank: Escaped?!?  From where?
Luke:  The old Reddish Mill.
Robin:  You mean the Trendon factory?
Luke:  Aye.
Bowie:  Did anyone know you left?

Luke:  Boy, did they ever!  I was chased for blocks and blocks by a lady named Doreen.  She came after me with a tiny paintbrush, yelling "Stop young man!  We must paint over those eyelashes!"

Bowie:  Hey,  you do have eyelashes!  Robin and I have eyelashes, too.

Luke:  You won't for long if Doreen catches you.
Robin:  Well, I'm supposed to have eyelashes.  I'm a prince.
Bowie:  Yeah, and I'm a...a musician.
Luke:  Ah, yeah, of course.  Aren't you one of the Bay City Rollers?
Bowie:  Huh?  Who?  No.

Benjamin Roy:  Say, Luke, why don't you go upstairs and, um, freshen up.  Change into some new clothes.  It, ah, smell--I mean, looks, like you've been wearing that outfit for a while.
Luke: Great idea!  Thank you!

Benjamin Roy:  I think we should ask him to stay here.  Daddy Steve won't mind; he always says the more the merrier.  And Daddy John does whatever Daddy Steve says...
Robin:  I think he's a bit odd.  And 'Krakatoa' is a funny name for a dog.
Frank:  Maybe his dog erupts.
Bowie:  He's not odd; just sort of bohemian.

Emile: Bohemian, oui!  Perhaps he ees an artiste like Rodolfo in 'La Bohemme.'  Oh mais oui he must absolutely live 'ere wiz us.  There; it ees settled.

When Luke returned, the boys told him the news.

Luke:  Live you with you guys?  That would be wonderful!  You hear that Krakatoa?  We have a new home!
Krakatoa:  Yip! Yip!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Blue Shoes

Daddy Steve:  For a while now I've felt that we really need to improve the footwear selection here at Gregoropolis.  The boys all have perfectly nice shoes, but they are all quite casual: i.e. tennis shoes (trainers) and sandals.  I blame myself for this state of affairs.  The fact is that Daddy Steve's wide, flat, middle-aged feet are much more comfortable in casual shoes.  Just because I've given up on fashion, however, doesn't mean that my boys have to as well.

Recently, an Etsy seller listed some very stylish Sasha shoes suitable for either girls or boys in some very eye-popping colors.  I decided to order a pair so the boys could try them out.

Giancarlo:  Hey, we got a package in the mail.  I think it's the new shoes.
Emile:  Formidable!  Let us open eet up.  Tout suite!

Giancarlo:  The seller included a nice little note thanking us for our purchase.
Emile:  'Ow thoughtful.

Emile: Look at ze stylish packaging!  I like zis seller.
Giancarlo:  That bag will be handy for going to market.

Giancarlo:  I can't wait to try them on.  We Italians have great appreciation for fine footwear.
Emile:  Not so fast, mon ami.  I really think zese shoes are meant, ah, pour moi.
Giancarlo:  Oh, davvero? What makes you so sure of that?

Emile:  Well, eet says quite clearly on ze bag that they are French shoes.  French shoes for les petits garçon français.

Giancarlo:  I think you're misinterpreting it. However, I will not argue the point... but only because the color does not match my outfit anyway.

Emile:  Oh, oui, zey fit perfectly and are...très élégantes!
Giancarlo:  I will admit they look okay on you.  I think Daddy Steve needs to order a pair in red now.