Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Tale Of A Fateful Trip

Daddy Steve: On this day 55 years ago (September 26, 1964), the television sitcom           
Gilligan's Island premiered.

Depending on your individual philosophical televisual bent, it's a show that evokes fond memories or outright derision.

Frank: Skipper!

Robin: It's an excellent example of 'Theater of the Absurd.'
Patrick: I find it totally illogical.  If they could build all of that stuff, why didn't they just build a new boat and escape?
Mikko:  Sshh!  This is the one where Gilligan gets bitten by a bat and dreams he's a vampire!
Tyler: Cool!

Nathan: Who would take a whole wardrobe along for just a three hour boat tour?!?
Holly Belle: Actually, I would.
Nathan: But why?
Holly Belle: Well, obviously in case I got shipwrecked!

Mindless twaddle, or canny surrealist farce?  The world may never know.  Instead, we'll leave you with a more important question...

Ginger or Mary Ann?


Julie said...

Frank makes a perfect Gilligan. My crew want his hat. This is one of my favorite posts yet.

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Julie! Yes, Frank is definitely very Gilligan-esque.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

oh, wow, loved Gilligan's island! Gilligan's Island is a bit like not to ask too many questions and just enjoy the end product. Examined too closely, nothing makes sense about it! I was always a fan of Ginger because she was so glamorous! Being a bit of a plain jane myself, she was aspirational.

Gregor Daddies said...

Daddy Steve must admit that the diva worshiping gay man in him was always drawn to Ginger too. Rest assured, here at Gregoropolis all the kids think of you as glamorous Aunt Marti!

Dee said...

I don't really remember Gilligan's Island. But totally understand about in those days poetic licence , things not worth looking at too closely, being the case in most things.
But loved your post on it, I may have to find an episode to see just who the glamorous Ginger was....