Saturday, December 14, 2019

Help In The Kitchen

Daddy Steve: Uli has a busy day of holiday baking planned.  She could really use a little help in the kitchen..

Uli: I need some assistance if ve are all to have holiday treats.
Anthony: No problem!  I'll round up some help for you.
Uli: Erm.  Just not Frank, ja?

Anthony found Alice and Luke, who happily volunteered to help.

Alice: Here we are, Uli!
Luke: At your service, ma'am!
Uli: Erm, oh...danke.

Alice and Luke are very sweet and well-meaning, but they are a tad befuddled in the kitchen...

Robin: I think you mean clueless.
Anthony: That's a bit harsh, Robin.  Then again...
Kaveh: They're very nice, though.

Our three chefs set about baking, but complications, if not the dough, arise.

Luke: Is there a difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon?
Uli: Vell, ja...

Alice: Should I have greased and floured the pan before I poured the batter in?
Uli >sigh<

Uli: Ach der lieber!  Luke! You must shut the mixer off before you remove the bowl!
Luke: Whoops...

Alice: Oh dear, I don't remember how many eggs I added.

Alice: I know, I'll count the shells I threw away.  Let's, two, two and a half.  So, I must have put in two and a half eggs.  Wait, that can't be right...
Uli >sigh<

Uli: I am exhausted.
Kevin: Is baking very hard work?
Uli: Ja, especially vhen you haff help.


Dee said...

lol ! Poor Uli, all she wanted was some helping hands.
Such a shame that those hands turned out to be attached to a couple of the more inattentive members of the family !

I'm sure Uli will be able to set everything right, after her rest and providing noone else arrives to 'help' !

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

oh, no, I am dying over the fact that she put in 2 and a half eggs! I predict there might be some crunchy spots in the cake! Poor Uli would have been better off doing it all herself!