Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Piece of the Pie

Gino: Angelo, come see the cherry pie I baked this morning.
Angelo: Bravo! It looks deliziosa! 
Gino: Pizza is not the only kind of pie I excel at.

Angelo: Are you ready to go on our walk?
Gino: Yes, but first I must a cut a slice of pie for Frank.  I promised him he could have some, but when Frank helps himself he gets a little carried away, capisce?
Angelo: Sì! That boy has the appetite of il mostro.

Gino:  Franco, there's a piece of cherry pie for you on the kitchen table.
Frank: Oh boy!  Pie! Mmmmm, yummy!


Gino: Well, that was a very pleasant stroll.  Shall we have some pie now?
Angelo: Grande idea!

Gino and Angelo:  >Gasp!<

Gino: FRANK!!!


Dee said...

Lol I knew what was coming when he foolishly told Frank there was a piece of pie on the kitchen table!
Poor Angelo he's not yet realised that he'll need to hide any pie where Frank won't think to look! But where could that be? The boy's got the nose of a champion hunting dawg !
At least he didn't eat 'his' piece ;)

NeverUschi said...

Frank certainly got carried away - but it WAS a bit naive to have him choose from two non identical pieces of pie.
I understand him. The pie looks yummy!!

Gregor Daddies said...

The boys can be far too trusting. Somehow I don't think Ulrike would have let that happen!