Saturday, November 19, 2016

Let It Snow, Part 2 (First Snow)

John:  Benjamin Roy was very excited it snowed yesterday.  He's never seen snow before!  Before he came to live with us, he was never out of his box.

So, we took a short walk around the garden early this morning so he could experience his first snowfall.  I did ask him if Pete Dakota wanted to join us, but he said Pete was still sleeping and said, quote: "I'm not getting out of bed until it's as warm out there as it is in here."

BR:  It's so pretty!  The yard looks so nice.

BR:  Too bad there's not enough to build a snowman.

BR: Can we go in now?  I'm a little cold.
Daddy John:  Should we make some hot chocolate for everybody?
BR: Yay!


Henry Holiday said...

Yeah for Hot Chocolate! The perfect treat after being out in the cold.

Hope you get to build a snowman!

Angelo's Papa said...

We can't think about snow right now; we're too busy working in the garden and playing in the sun! But, your snow reminds us that Christmas is right around the corner. Enjoy all that winter wonderland!

NeverUschi said...

How pretty! But I can wait happily some more weeks for snow in our part of Germany.