Thursday, November 17, 2016

Love That Corduroy (Throwback Thursday)

Steve:  The boys of Gregoropolis are big fans of the Jadzia label corduroy coats for sale on eBay.  They are beautifully made and always have such pretty linings.  Here, Sasha (newly restrung--thanks, Dr. Pat!) models one in brown.

He reminds me of another little blond boy in a similar corduroy coat from long ago.  Yes, that is Daddy Steve in 1972; back when I had blond hair myself (later turned dark, now turning gray).

This was pre-Sasha; back when the favored dolls were Ken and Brad.


Serenata said...

Jadzia's jackets are wonderful aren't they? Not lucky enough to have one for the boys yet, but do have a couple for the girls.

Just love the photo comparisons! So nice to see you still have them and that you have continued your enjoyment of dolls.

NeverUschi said...

My Sasha kids love their one and only Jadzia jacket, too. They have to line up to have a go at wearing it...
The photos of you when you were smaller and blonder are so cute!

Angelo's Papa said...

Hi everybody.. I asked Papa if I could have a jacket like the other boys. He said he will bid on one for me. I hope we win! Angelo