Friday, October 27, 2017

Separate Corners!

Daddy John:  Someone certainly put a quarter in each of the boys today--running around, squabbling, and shrieking like banshees.

Pete Dakota wanted to know what everybody else was doing and pestered the others with questions; Stephen Orange wanted time to himself for some sort of project (he wasn't being very forthcoming about it); and Benjamin Roy just seemed to be everywhere and into everything.  Even Annabelle was pacing and snuffling around restlessly.

Time for Daddy to step in.  I banished them to different parts of the house and after an hour's quiet, checked up on them.

Blake has been trying get Pete Dakota to read the Harry Potter series for some time now, and I found him reading upstairs.  He was ready to take a break, so we tried on a new shirt that recently arrived.

Pete: Help!  I'm lost!

Pete: How do I look?

I found Stephen squirreled away in a corner, typing furiously on the laptop.

Daddy John: What are you working on there, buddy?

Stephen:  I'm writing an article on the hammerhead shark for a science journal, Daddy.  I'm on a tight deadline and don't have time for any foolishness right now.  
Daddy John:  Okay, boss, back to work!

BR had taken Annabelle outside for a walk and to admire the last of the autumn leaves.


Serenata said...

Great shirt Pete. Stephen looks very studious and busy indeed. Good on BR to take Annabelle out for a walk, a bit of nature and fresh air would have done them both a world of good.

DollMum said...

Good if not very peaceful to have lots of boys with different interests living in the same home. The new shirt for Pete Dakota looks fine. I can empathise with Stephen Orange wanting peace and quiet for his writing, though I'm sure he could have done with fresh air and exercise too.

Dee said...

It was good that when it had been quiet for so long that they were not up to mischief! which is the usual thing when there are child in a house and it's quiet!
Pete looks very handsome in his new shirt while Stephen Orange is a very intelligent lad enjoying writing in his journal.
I love Br out in the garden with Annabelle both getting some exercise and fresh air amoung those wonderful autumn leaves.