Friday, October 6, 2017

A Frog Story

Daddy Steve:  We have a new pet here at Gregoropolis, and it's not of the furry canine variety!  Before elaborating, I need to introduce a new boy.  He has actually been living here for a while now, but he has just not appeared in the blog.

Meet Charles; Tyler's twin brother.  Although they look similar, they are not strictly identical (because, of course, no two Sasha-Gregors ever are).  Charles has a narrower face and lighter hair.  I think he has a slightly perplexed expression.

Not-quite-identical twins, Tyler (left) and Charles (right)

Temperamentally, the brothers are not alike at all.  We've previously featured Tyler's wild exploits with his buddy, Mikko.  Charles, by contrast, is the sensible one; or as Tyler would say, the 'boring' one.  Charles wants to be an accountant when he grows up.

Charles:  The world needs accountants!  Who would figure out your taxes?
Tyler:  I'm a kid.  I don't pay taxes!

When Marti Murphy made Rolf's school boy outfit, we asked her to also make some cargo shorts with nice, deep pockets.  They turned out beautifully.  However, when Charles tried his new shorts on, he discovered a little extra something in one of the pockets!

Sasha: There's something wiggling in your pocket.
Charles: Huh?

Turns out that Marti's boys included a little amphibious surprise...

Charles: Hey, it's a frog!

Having a pet frog immediately conferred a degree of coolness on nerdy Charles.

Blake: Ooooh!
Mikko: Neat!
Giancarlo: Can I hold him?

Of course, the next thing was to create a suitable abode for the frog, or, as the boys have taken to calling it, a 'frogarrarium.'  

Patrick and Ravi are big advocates of the scientific method.  They were happy to help Charles do research on the ideal frog habitat.

Ravi: We have to figure out what species of frog he is.
Patrick:  That will determine the design of his habitat.

Eventually the boys created a nice little home for him.

Kaveh: He seems quite happy.
Charles: I think so, too.

And what did Charles name his new pet?  Hopalong, of course!


Serenata said...

Oh Rory will be thrilled to know there is another red headed boy out there that loves frogs! He too built a home for them a few years back. You may have seen the post?

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Lorraine -

We just looked it up and read all about it. The boys were all quite impressed with Rory's frog home. Charles said "It's quite grand, really a frog manor!"

NeverUschi said...

Milo is screaming I should have let him keep the toad he found, never mind it was dead! As he points out, a mummified toad doesn't need a sophisticated home, so it is a work saving pet...

Dee said...

The frogs are getting around this week! I love quiet Charles , he'll go far and I'm sure he'll look after his brothers taxes, once he's old enough to get a job!
Then I'm sure Tyler will be glad his twin is so clever. It's nice that their is a little difference between them even twins need their own personalities.

Kendal said...

Even identical twins start to develop their own characteristics and personalities after the age of three as they start to interact with life and others around them... so it's only to be expected that these un-identical twins should be so interestingly different.
Love how they use the available internet knowledge to make a suitable 'froggy' home.