Sunday, December 24, 2017


Daddy Steve:  Christmas Eve morning in Gregoropolis!  Some of us (Frank) are having a little trouble waiting to dig into the holiday sweets.


Dee said...

Aw It's nearly Christmas surely a small treat now would be fine! save on them over doing it tomorrow!
Very enterprising of Frank to come prepared with a saw to cut into that candy cane, he deserves a sweet for effort! :)

NeverUschi said...

How sweet! I love the little saw!
The lucky children here in Germany get their presents (and the candy, of course) already on Christmas Eve. So, no more waiting - but they are also earlier in getting tummy ache!

SimplySasha said...

Go Frank! I have already tucked into my stash of Christmas sweets :)
Merry Christmas to you and the boys xx

jenann said...

We did exactly the same, Frank. We even ate our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. So much more relaxing to get some of the excitement (and work for the cook) out of the way and be lazy on Christmas Day. We don't put up our tree until Christmas Eve and it is a very exciting day for us all.