Saturday, January 27, 2018

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Daddy John: I came across Benjamin Roy quietly reading to himself and suddenly realized he and his joined-at-the-hip bestie Pete Dakota hadn't actually been palling around lately.

I started to approach to ask if they'd been arguing or fighting or something when Pete Dakota came around the corner, carrying something.  Looked like the normally shy Pete had taken the 'bull by the horns' himself, so I backed off to see how things developed...

Pete: Um, hi, BR.  Would you like to put this puzzle together with me?
BR: Hi, Pete.  Sure, that looks like fun!  Are there many pieces?

Pete: No, I don't think so.  It's a wooden puzzle, so it's sturdy and will stand up by itself!
BR: Good, I don't like puzzles with a lot of pieces.  Dinosaurs are pretty cool.

BR: These directions are kind of confusing.
Pete: We'll just take it one piece at a time.

Pete has punched out the first piece, and they're off!

BR: Hey look at that!  We've already got the head and spine together.  This isn't too hard.

Pete: That's the head, spine, and tail.  Next come the back things--the ribs?-- and arms and legs.

I checked in on their progress and saw they'd taken a break halfway through.  They looked deep in serious conversation, so I kept out of it.  Must have been a good talk as they finished the puzzle on a high note!


Daddy John: Nice job, my little T-Rexes!

BR: High five!

Stephen Orange: Cool dinosaur, fellows!  Now would you like to try this Lego set with me?  There are only 198 pieces.
BR and Pete: Uh-oh!


Dee said...

I'm sure BR and Pete sometimes need a quiet moment apart and then it's back together and all fun! I love their dinosaur , a good size for them and not to hard for them to put together on their own which is a bonus and fun for them to achieve.

Stephen Orange's lego sound like a longer job but with all three of them working together it will be done in no time plus a nice quiet few hours for you and John :)

Dee said...

oops that should be you and Daddy Steve :)

Serenata said...

That is a great dinosaur boys! Which reminds me I think I have a wooden puzzle tucked away somewhere to make up...I am pretty sure it isn't a fun dinosaur though.

Lego is always good fun as well, hope they enjoy making that as well.