Saturday, February 3, 2018

Oh, L'amour

Daddy Steve:  Although it's not yet Valentine's Day, Cupid has already struck Gregoropolis and his target was Emile!  It all started innocently enough, as Emile was rifling through the CD collection.

Emile >sniff<   No Debussy or even Edith Piaf!  What kind of uncouth household ees zees?

Suddenly, he came upon a CD with a very attractive young lady on the cover.

Emile: Mon Dieu!  Who could zis angel be?

Her name is Évelyne Courtois, but in the 1960s she was better known as 'Pussy Cat'; one of France's 'yé-yé' girls.

Emile: Très belle!  I am in love!
Luke: She is pretty.

A quick internet search led to some grainy black and white music videos on YouTube.  Have a look!

Emile: Ah, mon chat, where 'ave you been all my life?

Emile: So beautiful and so talented!
Bowie: She does have a nice voice. Wasn't she brunette in the other one?
Emile: Please, mon ami, do not spoil zis for me.

Soon, Emile was playing the Pussy Cat CD non-stop.

Emile: Is she not enchanting?
Giancarlo: This is the tenth time you've played that today!

There was nothing else for it--he must write her a letter to make his feelings known!

Emile: Perhaps I compose ze poem, non?
Paul: How are you going to send it to her?  You don't know where she lives.
Emile: I will send eet to le Président Macron.  Surely they know each other and 'e can deliver it.

Ezra: You do realize that she's a bit older than you?
Emile: Oui,but ze older women...Ils sont fascinants!


Serenata said...

Oh dear, he has got it bad! This really did have me laughing... I wonder if he will have any success with his letter?! ;) Just a 'wee bit' Tee hee....

Dee said...

ooh la la ! I cannot say I blame the lad, she is a very pretty young lady and a lovely singer.

I hope no one tells him just how much older she now is than back in the day! and maybe someone should tell Emile not to send via President Macron, who likes the older ladies himself or he may try and keep her for himself!

Emile should send via the record company if he hopes to hear back and in the meantime he can live with his dreams and her voice singing to him :)

Gregor Daddies said...

Haha, yes! We don't want Emile creating a love triangle/international incident!