Saturday, December 29, 2018

Toys and their Joys

Daddy John & Daddy Steve: We must have some really good kids, because Santa delivered a lot of loot to Gregoropolis this Christmas!

Rolf, who loves monkeys, claimed a sock monkey as his own.

Paul: He looks a little like you, Rolfie.
Rolf: Ja, very handsome!

Pete Dakota got into action with his new G. I. Joe (something Daddy John always wanted as a boy, but never received).

Pete: What do you spy, Joe?  Daisy and Harriet are consorting with the enemy?

Harriet and Daisy checked out the Barbie dolls.

Harriet: I wonder if Auntie Marti could make some clothes for them?

Duncan doesn't have his namesake yo-yo mastered yet, but he's working on it.

Duncan: I'm trying to make it 'walk the dog.'
Luke: Well...looks like you got it to play dead.

Predictably, Tyler and Mikko are captivated by the Rock 'Em-Sock 'Em Robots; although mindful of their last boxing encounter, they are happy to share with Rhoda.

Rhoda: Can I try?
Tyler: Oh sure!

Ravi and Patrick love the Lincoln Logs set.

Ravi: We're going to be famous architects some day!
Patrick: Yeah, like Frank Lloyd Wright!*

*Fun Fact: Lincoln Logs were actually designed by one of Frank Lloyd Wright's sons in 1916.

Pete Dakota and Benjamin Roy race cars along BR's new Hot Wheels set.

Meanwhile, the Tinker Toys are getting a lot of playtime with Angelo and Nathan.

Angelo: Is it a bird?
Nathan: No, it's a plane.

All of the kids are impressed with the Lite Brite.

Everyone: Coooooooool!

And Miguel likes Grumpy Care Bear the best.

Miguel: He looks just like Daddy Steve before he's had his morning cup of coffee!


  1. Wow, those kids did make a haul!! In spite of his skepticism, Nathan did really well in the toys, didn't he? Did that make him a true believer again? Tell the girls Auntie Marti sewed barbie clothes one time and decided life is too short for that nonsense! lol! On the plus side, it leaves a lot more time to make pretty shoes and dresses for them!

  2. Wow, you lot sure got a lot of loot from Santa! You must have been VERY good boys and girls! What great fun gifts to play and learn from.


  3. They must have been very good this year to receive such wonderful toys to share.
    I love all the things that Santa found in just the right size, he must be very good at his job ;)

    I do love the grumpy care bear so sweet, I'm saying nothing about Daddy Steve and his first cup of coffee....

  4. What a fantastic Christmas at Gregoropolis! I remember nearly all of these toys as a child and loved them. Everyone must have been very very good this year since Santa was so generous. Happy New Year Daddy Steve and Daddy John. ❤️ xxx

  5. WOW! What superb toys they got. The Hot Wheels and Tinker Toy remind me of two of my daughter's presents she received over her younger years.