Friday, January 4, 2019

A Whole New Year

Daddy Steve:  Sasha and Miguel got up early on New Year's Day to greet 2019.

Sasha: It's a whole new year!
Miguel: So many possibilities!

Sasha: New things to learn.
Miguel: New places to explore.

Sasha: Time to play.
Miguel: Time to create art.

Both: This is so exciting!  High five!

Meanwhile (actually, a few hours later)...

Frank: Uhhhgghhhh...Is the party over?


  1. Happy New Year to all in Gregoropolis!

    There are always the early birds, those with some get up and go and the those who believe noon is early enough , with the slow to rise and late to bed.

    Looks like Frank's one of the latter and Miguel and Sasha the former, so which ever you are the New Years here !

    I look forward to seeing the adventures and happenings here in the year ahead.

  2. Happy New Year to everyone at Gregoropolis! Poor Frank getting off to such a rough start but Sasha and Miguel are having a great beginnng to a fantastic New Year. Thank you for the most interesting and entertaining blog posts! 😊 xxx

  3. Each New Year I have every intention to be like Sasha and Miguel but always seem to end up a bit like Frank.
    A very happy 2019 to all at Gregorpolis from me and the Brood Remainers.