Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Amazing Paul

Daddy Steve:  You may recall that Gotz boy Paul was named after a German octopus who also happened to be psychic (if not, you can read about it here: What's In A Name?).

At the time, the kids thought it just seemed like a cool thing to say, but now some are beginning to wonder if Paul really is psychic.  Opinions are divided...

Oliver: He really can predict the future!
Patrick: That's illogical.
Ravi: And just plain silly.
Ezra: Well, how do you explain it then?

How indeed?  It could be that he's merely a keen observer of human nature...

Paul: It vos Frank who ate all the doughnuts.
Holly Belle & Meghan: Oh, Frank!
Frank: >burp<  How did you know it was me??

Perhaps he's better at keeping track of time...

Paul: Daddy Stefe vill be home in 5 minutes.
Tyler: Oh no!
Mikko: We'd better clean this mess up!

Or maybe he's just good at telling people what they want to hear.

Paul: You vill meet a rich und handsome nobleman.
Daisy: Oh, I knew it!  Just like a Barbara Cartland novel!

Whatever the explanation, Sebastian and Rolf have decided that Paul's 'gift' could be a lucrative business.

Rolf: The Amazing Psychic Paul vill reveal your future for a mere 50 cents!

Paul: Ask me a question about your future und I vill consult the crystal pyramid.
Bowie: Aren't you supposed to use a crystal ball?
Paul: The crystal pyramid is better.  It gets right to the point.  That vos technically a question, but I vill let you haff that vun for free.
Bowie: Oh. Ah...okay...will I ever be a famous rock star?

Sebastian (whispering from under the table): "Reply hazy, try again."

Paul: Sorry mein freund, your future is not quite ready to reveal itself.  Come back later.
Rolf: Ja, und don't forget to bring another 50 cents.  Next!


  1. Mmm a Psychic... Paul.... even I would say it was Frank who eat all the doughnuts ;) He could be an observer of people, which could give him an insight into what could be in someones future..only time and an increase in his bank balance ( all those 50 cents ) will tell !
    But if he is a psychic...he'll know what the future holds... not a lot if
    Sebastian and Rolf are taking a big cut of the pot !

  2. shrewd little devils, those kids. Poor Frank, that kid is in perpetual mischief! There's always one!

  3. Paul does seem to have the gift of telling the future which can be a burden if the future is not so bright. The boys are all well dressed and it is nice to see them out and about and I hope Frank feels better soon. 😊 xxx

  4. Some clever 'money-making' little Gregor imps you have here today.
    Mind you I'm all for such 'inventiveness'... especially if it brings in the money!