Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Activity

Daddy Steve:  It's been a parade of activity at Gregoropolis as we prepare for Easter.  Everyone is excited!  Of course, the kids love the chocolate eggs, bunnies, and baskets; but beyond that Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth--really the true start of spring.  After the long winter we've had, it's most welcome indeed.

Our Easter preparations have included:

Coloring Easter eggs

Daisy: I'm glad we got the jumbo-sized eggs.


Gino: These buns may be cross, but they make me happy!

Putting up the Easter tree

Holly Belle: Everything must be just so, because we all know that a happy Easter Bunny is a a generous Easter Bunny.
Oliver: Is that how it works?
Nathan: You do realize that Daddy John and Daddy Steve are the Easter Bunny?
Holly Belle: Now, Nathan, let's not start this again!

Some general decorating

Robin: Nothing says springtime like green plants.

Trying on their Easter outfits

Anthony: I don't know.  I've never thought of myself as a bunny sort of person.
Frederick: Trust me, it's you.

And making up Easter baskets.

John Martin: So is this where the old saying 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket' comes from?
Ann Marie: Yeah, I think it was said by someone like us--someone with lots of brothers and sisters!
James: I'll never get this bow tied.

And, in the midst of the hubbub, one kid has been very quiet...

Sasha: Has he moved at all?
Miguel: No.  I think he's hypnotized.
Frank: So. Much. Earsssssssss...



Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

love Anthony's bunny shirt!! I think he needs to just save it for Easter each year!! Is Frank the one who ate the bunny ears off everyone's bunnies last year? He does look extraordinarily happy with that rabbit! I hope they (and their Dads!) have a wonderful Easter!

Dee said...

How active all the children have been getting ready for Easter. Love the happy Hot cross buns :)
And poor Frank ! How's he ever to get anything done with that huge chocolate rabbit just staring at him....
A Belated Happy Easter

Kendal said...

How wonderful! Unfortunately we have nothing like that here as the 'E' word hasn't even been mentioned with still being in Lent.
Hopefully they will awake to some Easter surprises on Easter Sunday.