Saturday, April 6, 2019

What Are Götz Girls Made Of?

Daddy Steve:  It's been a little over a year since girls have started moving into Gregoropolis, and, for the most part, it's been a smooth transition.  The boys are all quite fond of the girls, probably even more so than they're willing to admit.  I think it helps that they outnumber the girls by a comfortable margin.

Kaveh: I like the girls.
Giancarlo: Me too!  They're very posh and stylish, especially Daphne.
Wesley: Rhoda's a lot of fun...she's almost like a boy!
Nathan: Hmmph.  Holly Belle is too bossy.

At the beginning of the 'invasion', Paul and Rolf remained a tad smug about the whole thing.

Paul: Of course, we'll never be bothered by Götz girls.
Rolf: Ja.
Blake: Why is that?
Paul: Everyone knows that there isn't any such thing.  There are only Götz boys.
Rolf: Ja, only boys.
Blake: How can that be?  That doesn't make any sense.
Paul: I don't know, but that's just the way it is.
Rolf: Ja, just the vay it is.

We all know that there are far more Götz girls than boys, and yet these two persisted in their noodle-headed belief.  Until one day...

Louisette: Bonjour!
Paul & Rolf: >Gasp!< Ein Götz Mädchen!
Louisette: Oui.  'Oo were you eczpecting? La fille Bleuette?

Louisette was soon followed by Ulrike, and then Alice.

Ulrike: Guten Tag!
Alice: Hello!

As soon as the shock wore off, Paul and Rolf began to think of ways to make this turn of events work in their favor.

Paul: Perhaps we can get them to bake for us.
Rolf: Ja, cookies and cakes...and strudel!
Paul & Rolf: Mmmmmmmmmmm, strudel.
Sebastian: You guys do know it's not 1950 any more, right?

The boys presented their request to Louisette and Alice.

Louisette: Baking?  What ees thees?
Alice: I think you can make food come out of this thing.
Louisette: Zut alors!  And 'ow ees thees accomplished?
Alice: Perhaps by turning and pressing that array of knobs and buttons?
Louisette:  Non.  Zat ees far too tedious and complicated.
Alice: And probably dangerous, too.
Louisette: Oui, oui.  C'est très dangereux.  Come my dear, let us get ze cappucino.

Sebastian: Wow, that sure didn't work out for you!

If there's a lesson in all of this, it's that with a little luck even the most hare-brained schemes can, in fact, succeed.  The third time is, as they say, the charm as it turns out Ulrike is very maternal and loves to bake.

Ulrike: Vould my meine lieben like me to make some apfelstrudel?
Rolf: Ja, ja!  Bitte!
Paul: Götz girls are the best!


Dee said...

Ha ha Those cheek gotz boys! I love how Louisette and Alice had no interest what so ever in what can be done with an oven !
How lucky were they then to find the maternal Ulrike , who loves to bake their favourite Apple strudel, boys you have struck gold there I hope you will be nice and do the washing up once you've enjoyed Ulrike hard work.... :)

SimplySasha said...

Vinyl...they are made of vinyl :)
Great post with your Sasha kids beautifully dressed as always!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Gosh so funny that Rolf never encountered a Gotz girl...but then he isn’t the
Most observant perhaps!

Kendal said...

How super to see that some Gotz girls are now entering the once Gregor/Mary-Belle domain.
It will make life over there so much more interesting especially when it will eventually come to the boy/girl friend stages as the Gotz girls have such interesting and individual personalities.