Friday, May 3, 2019

A Little Redecorating

Daddy Steve: It's springtime, and the girls have been bitten by the decorating bug!

Holly Belle: This place could really use some sprucing up.
Tyler: What's wrong with it?
Mikko: It looks fine to me.
Meghan: It looks... and a bachelor pad.  It needs some color.
Daphne: And pictures on the walls!
Holly Belle: And how did the mopboards get so scuffed up?
Tyler: Oh, heh, that happened when we were playing soccer in the house.

Holly Belle: >Sigh<  Those two are hopeless.  I say it's time we do a little redecorating.
Meghan: Yay!  Let's go to the home store and get paint chips.
Daphne: I love paint chips!

Holly Belle: What do you think of this color?
Luke: That's nice.
Holly Belle: Well, what about this color?
Luke: That's nice, too.
Holly Belle: How about this one?
Luke: That's nice, too.
Meghan: Frank, don't you have any opinion?
Frank: They all look the same to me.

John Martin: Daphne, you're going to paint??
Daphne: Of course!  Just because I'm a posh girl, that doesn't mean I'm afraid to get my hands dirty.
Holly Belle: And we just know you would love to help us out, too, wouldn't you?
John Martin: Uh, sure.  >Drat<

A little while later...

Holly Belle: Oh, now this looks very nice!
Daphne: Très chic!
Meghan: I love it!
John Martin: It looks like bubble gum.
Holly Belle, Daphne, Meghan: LAVENDER!!

Daphne: Family photos add such a homey touch.
Meghan: Let's lay them out on the floor first...
Holly Belle: ...And then we arrange them the way we want.  John Martin can then help us hang them up, right?
John Martin: Uh, sure  >Drat<

Meghan: Beautiful!
Holly Belle: Perfect!
Daphne: Such lovely ladies!
John Martin: I have to admit, it does look nice.

Holly Belle: Now we can start on the all the other rooms!
John Martin: Oh drat....


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

What a nice job they did!! It does look a lot homier. Let's hope they got an air freshener in there, too. John Martin, you really need to make yourself scarce when you see the girls scheming up these ideas!!

SimplySasha said...

I loved this! As a female who does all her own painting and decorating, I think they did a great job :) The family photos were a very clever twist...well done all at Gregoropolis...and that includes the dads too!!

Gregor Daddies said...

They did do a good job. I'm afraid John Martin can run, but he can't hide from Holly Belle!

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Simply! We can't wait to see some pics of your project,

Dee said...

My mother used to do all the decorating in our house when I was young, hang the wallpaper and painted.
So it's nice to see this happening in Gregoropolis and what a great job they all did. I wonder if they'd like to pop over here and help Paul with the kitchen? or even the hallway? It's a big job and alas I never was shown how to wallpaper but I'm okay with painting walls.

I love 'poor' John Martin who was so hoping to escape but too late JM , your are there to the end....

Gregor Daddies said...

Holly Belle is always ready to lend a hand, but just a fair warning to Paul that she can be a little on the bossy side at times!