Saturday, May 25, 2019

You Could Really Be A Beau Brummel, Baby

Ann Marie: Where's Frank?  I thought he wanted to come along on our walk.
Giancarlo: He's changing clothes.
Robin: I didn't think Frank ever changed clothes unless Daddy Steve made him.
Ann Marie: Well, find out what's taking him so long.  The dogs are getting impatient.
Krakatoa: Yip, yip!
Annabelle: Woof!

Giancarlo: Hey, Frank, are you ready?
Frank: Almost.  Just putting on a sweater 'cos it's chilly outside.

Frank: Okay!  Let's go.
Ann Marie: Um, is that what you're wearing?
Frank: Yeah...why?
Ann Marie: Oh, nothing.  It's just that, well, what you have on doesn't go together so well.
Robin: I'm afraid you do look a bit mismatched.

Frank: Well, my pants have Spider-Man on them; and Spider-Man is very cool.
Giancarlo: Oh, definitely!

Frank: I've got purple sneakers on; and purple is a cool color, isn't it?
Robin: Yes, of course.

Frank: And my sweater's got a dinosaur on it; and dinosaurs are very cool, right?
Ann Marie: Well, I guess, but...

Frank: Sooooo, it all matches!  Let's go!

Robin: I have to say, there is a certain logic to it.
Ann Marie: Yes there is.  In a Frank sort of way.

Title courtesy "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me" by Billy Joel


Dee said...

Franks logic is second to none! Even if it makes for a very mixed range of clothing ;)

Gregor Daddies said...

Yes, there really is something to Frank's logic, but then I always figure that if you have two clean socks, then you have a matched pair!

Serenata said...

Excellent logic Frank! I can't fault it in any way.