Friday, October 11, 2019

Say Cheese!

Daddy John:  It's time for that annual tradition, School Picture Day!

Our photographer, Mr. Anthony of Carpatina Photography, gets everything all set up...

Anthony: Tripod, check.  Spare cameras, check.  Backdrop, check.

Some of the Gregoropolis kids have already started to line up...

Pete Dakota: You see, Nicholas?  Nothing to stress over.  You sit on the stool, Anthony snaps your photo, and you're done!
Anthony: Pete Dakota!  You're in the shot!
Pete Dakota: Sorry, Anthony!  

Anthony: Say 'cheese', Benjamin Roy.
BR: Swiss!

Rhoda stuck to her promise to wear a skirt as long as it was her cowgirl outfit...

Anthony: Now, Holly Belle, please tilt your head --
Holly Belle: Oh, I think I know which is my best side, dear.

Anthony: Mikko, take that ridiculous thing off.

Mikko: What? This is my real hair!  Honest!

Tyler: Hey Tony!  Be sure to get my best side!  >Hee-Hee!<

Anthony: >SIGH<  I'm not getting paid enough for this.


Serenata said...

Ha ha, I love it. I feel the photographer's frustration! Poor Anthony, it is not easy trying to photograph loads of individual children with all their quirks, characteristics, and urm, antics! He probably needs 'danger' money!

Dee said...

Lol poor Anthony ! I can imagine taking school photos is not the easiest job on the planet, all those fidgeting children, pulling backs... showing their back.. I mean best side...
and the one's like Holly Belle , one step away from a super model... well in their head !
Anthony looks well prepared for the task and I'm sure got some quality photos of the little tikes.. I mean darlings...