Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Games We Play

Daddy Steve:  The winters at Gregoropolis tend to be long...very long.  Fortunately, the kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves.

We have a pinball table (a gift from our friends at Rose Cottage) which provides many hours of fun.  Looks like Barbara and Beatrix are crushing Mikko and Tyler in today's challenge...

Mikko: Wow, I had no idea they were so good!
Barbara: We're not just pretty faces, you know.
Beatrix: Well, we are that, too.
Ezra: I hope you guys didn't bet any allowance money!

The Gotz boys like to play Connect Four.

Kurt: I win!
Rolf: How?
Kurt: I've got four diagonally.
Rolf: Ach! I forget the diagonal.
Kevin: This excitement has made me hungry!

Robin and Blake are attempting to teach Frank how to play Kings in the Corner (the only card game Daddy Steve knows how to play...).  Unfortunately, Frank's attention span is not very long.

Robin: then, if you draw a king, you put it in one of the corners and then you can transfer another string of cards onto it.
Blake: But they also have to be in descending order and alternating colors.
Frank: >Yawn<...
Robin: Right, and then you can put down other cards to fill the empty spaces.
Blake: Whoever puts down all of his cards, wins!

Robin: Any questions?
Frank: Yes.  Is white chocolate really chocolate?

Meanwhile, Holly Belle, Nathan, Marta, and John Martin are engaged in an intense game of Uno.

Nathan: Ha-ha!  You have to draw four cards, Holly Belle!

Holly Belle: Hmmf!  I think  you do that to me on purpose.  John Martin would never do that to me.  He's very gallant; aren't you John Martin.
John Martin: Um, maybe?  I'm actually not sure what that even means.
Marta: Maybe we should play a different game.

For Patrick and Ravi, scientific inquiry is as exciting as any game.

Patrick: Hmmm...I wonder what Mr. Spock would say.
Ravi: 'Fascinating'?


Linda said...

The children have very nice games to play with. Such miniatures are wonderful to have! :) And now I'm questioning the same as Frank does: is white chocolate really chocolate! ;D

Serenata said...

Glad to see they have plenty of games to keep them occupied. Always good on days you are confined to inside. Certainly it is an inside type of day here too as it is blowing a doozy!

Dee said...

I love it when my kids play games, gives you a bit of peace and quiet, well until the squabbling starts, which it does sooner or later.

I feel Frank will become a master chief or Chocolatier when he grows up, I just hope he can keep himself from eating all the profits !

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Linda -
Yes, the whole white chocolate thing really is one of life's mysteries I think. How can it be coocolate if it's not chocolate?

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Lorraine -
We're having a winter storm today as well, with I would estimate about 6" of snow so far. Another game day, I guess!

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee -
LOL! Or perhaps a food critic, in which case all the chefs would love him as he would never give them a bad review!

Dee said...

Of course the perfect job for Frank ! Food Critic ! He'll not be wanting to have to spend time cooking it, when he can be spending time eating it!