Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Day

Daddy John:  Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota really wanted to play outside this past weekend, but I had to convince them otherwise; temps were hovering below zero.  Not good for Gregor Boys!

They watched the snow fall (and fall and fall...) then disappeared upstairs.  I found them later, trying on the new jackets they received for Christmas.

BR: Boy, it just keeps coming down and down. 
Pete:  And Daddy John won't let us go out and play in it.

BR: Oh don't be sad, Peter.  It's much too cold out--we'd be back inside in two minutes!

Pete: We're cool dudes.


Angelo's Papa said...

Oh, let them go outside and play in the snow! My childhood was spent in a place where it snowed lots during the winter and I love those memories. The photo brought back thoughts of younger days. I'm sure the stylish new jackets will keep them warm and they must have a couple of beanies and some scarves to keep out the cold.

NeverUschi said...

Wow below zero (I understand you mean Fahrenheit) sounds pretty freezing! But when the boys keep moving by building a nice big snowman, the won't get too cold.

Gregor Daddies said...

Somehow the Celsius scale just doesn't adequately express how miserably cold it can get here. Last month we had a cold stretch where it got down to -20 F with a wind chill of -37 F. That kind of weather makes Daddy Steve pretty cranky.

Dee said...

It's nice to go out and then dash back inside, especially if it's freezing cold! Maybe they could go out onto the porch if you have one?
But they are very well dressed and indeed looking cool , too cool for snow, they'll be needing their boots , hats, gloves, thick coats.. the list is endless maybe you can let them watch a film instead..... :)

Gregor Daddies said...

Yes, it is a bit like outfitting a small army, not to mention all of the things that they think they need like toys and games. The DVD player gets a lot of use during the winter.

Anonymous said...

It does look beautiful outside with the snow (from behind a window of course, inside, with the heating on). The jackets are beautiful!