Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Challenges

Daddy John:  Learning how to sew clothes for the boys is Daddy Steve's New Year's resolution.  This should prove to be most interesting!

Sasha:  Do you think he can really figure this out?
Robin:  I don't know; he's quite old to be learning new things.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations with the new sewing machine! I look forward to your creations! To Robin: One's never too old to learn new things :-).

Serenata said...

Go for it! I am sure Daddy Steve will do brilliantly - just take it slowly and have fun!

NeverUschi said...

Machine sewing IS a challenge at the beginning, but it pays to keep trying as it gets easier each day. So don’t give up Daddy Steve, we all want to see your creations!
When you stop learning new things, you're not old but dead.

Angelo's Papa said...

Go for it, Daddy Steve! I have every confidence you'll be cranking out fantastic fashions very soon!

Dee said...

like everything in life practice makes perfect! You can do it! look forward to seeing what creations start to appear as you get into the swing of it!