Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Doll Who Fell To Earth

Daddy Steve:  A strange thing happened a while back--strange in a good way.  I was emailing with my friend Jesse of A Boy Doll Diary.  I was describing a very specific Gregor that I would love to find: a 1970s blond with eyelashes and 'punkish' hair.  I've heard that during that era a number of boys stealthily left the Trendon factory with eyelashes.  I've also seen photos of 1970s boys with wonderfully choppy, slightly messy hair.  I wanted a boy with both of these attributes.

Imagine my surprise a few days later when just such a boy landed on eBay with the Buy It Now option.  It was like discovering black magic--I was a little freaked out, but I also wanted to figure out how to make it happen again.

The new boy recently arrived, and I think he's sensational.  He's from 1974; a bit earlier than I would have guessed and among the last dolls with sprayed eyes.  This means his head was painted to be a girl's, but he got it instead (probably happened on a late Friday afternoon or early Monday morning--we all know how that goes).  

His eyelashes are fairly subtle, but they give him a slightly androgynous quality.  Actually, his eyes are a bit mismatched--one has blue shadow while the other has white.  One appears slightly larger and is a little smudged at one corner.  One brow is faded while the other is not.  As a bonus, he came wearing a very cool outfit (I do get tired of all those navy blue sweaters).  Check out his glam, silver metallic sneakers!

Some dolls very emphatically tell you their names:
  • Blond rocker hair
  • Mismatched eyes
  • Slightly androgynous
  • Glam footwear
  • Arrived from the Bromley area of South London
No question about it.  His name had to be Bowie.

So far, Bowie's personality has been hard to pin down; laughing and joking one minute, brooding and serious the next.  He has told the other boys that he wants to be a rock star when he grows up.  He also apparently has a crush on a little blond girl named Rebel; he saw her picture on the Absolutely Sasha blog.

The young rocker with new fans Kaveh and Emile.


Anonymous said...

Bowie is very handsome, congratulations! He does look like a very cool rock star with the hip hair-do and his guitar.
I think it's a sort of telepathy among doll owners that makes these things happen ;-D.

Serenata said...

Bowie is great, sounds like he will be an intriguing character, especially if he has developed a crush already!

I have a boy with eyelashes as well, my Simon, who can be a bit of a rascal at times.

NeverUschi said...

That's magic indeed! If you manage to make it happen again, can you please tell the world how to do it? (Of course it would be more sensible to keep the secret to yourself.)
Bowie is smashing! I can almost hear him play that guitar... you're face to face with the man who sold the world .... did you hear that too??

Gregor Daddies said...

Alas, I think it was just a fluke. I've been thinking (and talking) nonstop lately about another early redhead, but so far nothing.

SimplySasha said...

Well, I am loving this boy! ( I used to have one years ago, but stupidly let him go!) Are you sure that he isn't a 1973 boy Steve...I say that, because it was well known that the 1973 dolls had one puddle eye larger than the other :)
Fantastic name too as a huge Bowie fan for many years you have made a great choice there!! Looking forward to seeing more of Bowie and his guitar!

Angelo's Papa said...

I like his look in the first photo: all attitude! "I'm too cool for (fill in the blank). He photographs brilliantly so I would imagine he'll get lots of press coverage on your site! Congratulations on scoring such a beauty!

Sharon said...

Such a handsome boy, I'm glad he popped up on ebay with a BIN, must surely be Magic ;) Great name choice too, I like it when they reveal their names quickly to us!

Dee said...

What a handsome lad and obvious fate took a hand in setting him there before you just after you talking about wanting one!
Bowie is a great name for this lad, congratulations on getting him and so early in the year , it was meant to be !