Friday, April 7, 2017

Meeting The New Boy

Daddy John:  The big day was here as Stephen Orange finally arrived.  The boys were all a little nervous about meeting each other, so I decided we'd take a walk in the park to ease the tension a little (plus, it was a beautiful day).

At first, the boys didn't seem to know what to say to each other.

It was Annabelle who finally took matters in hand, er, paw...

Annabelle:  sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff
Benjamin Roy: Annabelle!  No jumping!
Stephen Orange:  It's okay.  Hello, girl!

Amazingly, it was our shyest boy who broke the ice.

Pete:  My name is Peter and BR calls me 'Pete Dakota,' but everyone else just calls me 'Pete.'
Stephen Orange:  Hello, Pete.  My full name is Stephen Orange, but it's okay if you want to call me just 'Stephen' or even just 'Orange.'

Stephen Orange:  I like your shirt, Benjamin Roy.
BR: Thank you!  Please, call me BR.  Daddy John says you like marine animals.
Stephen Orange:  Oh, yes!  I'd like to study then when I get older.  I have toy stuffed Whale Shark that I brought with me, but he's still packed.  
Pete:  I have a book about the Loch Ness Monster if you'd like to see it.

And with that, they were off and running and chatting away.  I think it may take a little while, but our family is coming together.  We took a family photo to commemorate the event and even got Annabelle to sit still long enough for one.

We returned home from our walk and had sodas on the patio.  They were still discussing the Loch Ness Monster...


DollMum said...

It looks like Stephen Orange is settling in just fine. Is he a bit taller than his brothers or was that the camera angle?

Serenata said...

Once they get over their shyness, they make friends quickly. Looks like Stephen will settle in very well indeed. Pets always seem to be a great way to break the ice, plus a walk in the park.

Angelo's Papa said...

Mr Organe is a handsome boy - a fine addition to your family. I am confident that the boys will all get along nicely as soon as they become acquainted with one another. Your family continues to grow and grow!

SimplySasha said...

Great name!! But where is Bowie...not writing a song is he...or auditioning for a part in a film maybe?

Dee said...

Animals are good icebreakers. I am sure given a few days the boys will be firm friends and getting up to all sort of mischief! :)

Gregor Daddies said...

Hello Doll Mum; it's party the camera angle. Stephen Orange is standing just a tiny bit forward than the other two. He and Benjamin Roy are the same height and Pete is shorter. This shot does look as though Stephen towers over the other two, doesn't it?

NeverUschi said...

There's nothing like dogs to start a conversation! I bet when Stephen Orange finds out he was adopted by a wonderful family to a great place, they all will be best buddies - yes and start mischief, because that's what buddies do!