Friday, March 31, 2017

Searching For Signs Of Spring

Daddy Steve:  Spring officially started almost two weeks ago, but here in Gregoropolis you would be hard pressed to find sign of it.

Yesterday Blake and Sebastian ventured out in the yard to explore.  So far there's not much to see, although they found that the sedum was just beginning to poke out of the ground.

Sebastian:  It looks like a tiny cabbage.

Over the winter, the squirrels (Daddy Steve's arch-enemies) made a shambles of the burlap we cover the boxwood with to protect it.  Actually, it was such a mild winter that it probably wasn't even necessary.  Still, those squirrels....

Blake:  Those squirrels certainly make a mess!

The Apollo statue is still covered with his plastic tarp.

Sebastian:  He's looking rather stern.
Blake:  I suppose it's not very dignified spending the whole winter wrapped in plastic.

Last stop on the backyard recon was the magnolia tree we planted just last spring.  We're really hoping that those velvety buds turn into beautiful flowers.

Blake wanted to search for twigs to use as Harry Potter magic wands, but the boys decided it would be better to wait until warmer and drier weather.


Angelo's Papa said...

It does still look like winter! Suddenly, almost overnight, you'll look outside and start to see green - a sure sign spring has arrived. It's nice that the boys have a big yard to play in.

NeverUschi said...

Our neighbour's magnolia already started to shed its flowers (on our cellar stairs...) Apollo must be very bored in his plastic cover, but I think that's better than freezing.
I like the boys' jackets. We have a very similar Jadzia jacket - but not such a smart zippered tartan hoodie.

Dee said...

Sharing for signs of spring can be hard work if your part of the country or world is not yet warming up! It always seems one warm day followed by five cold! But it looks like a few plants are braving the early spring weather.
I did not realise Squirrels could do damage to your boxwood!
But I have to say that I love the phrase " Daddy Steve's arch enemy the Squirrels!. I can just imagine them , with masks, sneaking into the garden in the dead of night with their sacks and secateurs to cut topiary figures of squirrels and acorns in your boxwood !

Gregor Daddies said...

Those troublesome squirrels dig holes all over the yard trying to find the nuts and seeds that they have buried. In a similar way, Daddy Steve 'squirrels' things (like props for the blog) away all over the house, and then can't remember where he put them. Maybe that's why they're enemies - too much alike!

Dee said...

I have to say I'd be calling them my arch enemies if they were digging up my garden too! And I have to confess that like Daddy Steve I too put props and things away and can never find them when I need them or am wonderfully surprised to find something I did not even remember buying!