Thursday, September 28, 2017

Duel or Duet?

Daddy Steve: Our young rocker Bowie has been spending a lot of time lately practicing and writing music.

Bowie: Maybe I need to try a different chord.

As always, he looks to his beautiful muse, Rebel, for inspiration.

Bowie: Even though we're thousands of miles apart, our hearts are one.

Although the separation is difficult, Bowie believes that it actually improves his music.

Bowie: Every artist needs some angst and torment to produce great work.
Tyler, rolling his eyes:  Yeah, whatever, dude.

Of course Bowie is not the only musical member of the family.  Sebastian is quite a musician as well.  His style is much more folky, in the vein of John Denver.  We think he even looks a bit like a young John Denver; we just need to find him some wire-rimmed glasses!

Sebastian: Take me home, country roads...

Could the boys' vastly different styles lead to a musical showdown?  Beatland vs. Ballad Isle?

Fortunately, Bowie and Sebastian are the best of friends.

They have frequent jam sessions together.

Bowie: All right, mate.  Just no Donovan songs.
Sebastian: Deal.


Dee said...

I love that you have both styles of music in your home. The boys although having different Hero's I'm sure make
Beautiful music together.
Maybe we'll see them on the tv in the future setting a new music genre!

jenann said...

My goodness, all you need now is a drummer and perhaps a pianist!

My poor Gregors have to sing, whistle or make a comb and paper kazoo. They are quite noisy enough without allowing them a collection of musical instruments. Perhaps it is my memory of one child playing the cello and tuba and the other playing the cornet and violin that has put me off giving the Gregors a full musical education?!

Jane said...

Do they know anything by Queen? Now that would be great :) Jane x

Serenata said...

Always good to have music and musicians in the home and different tastes lead to interesting listening experiences for others. Love that they can play duets together, rather than dual! Keep up the good work boys.

DollMum said...

keep encouraging them - the more music the better!

Kendal said...

How lovely to live in a home full of music!

SimplySasha said...

Just seen this...Rebel sends her love to you all...big hug to Bowie <3

NeverUschi said...

Love these miniature guitars! But no I can't start another collection...
It's good the boys tolerate each other's musical taste. Sadly, I can't hear their duet across the ocean.