Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chasing Away The Blues

Daddy Steve:  November can be a gloomy time in our part of the world.  All of the color has left our yard, and the skies always seem to be gray and overcast.  We were all quite happy when Daddy John brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers.  The bright and cheerful colors helped chase away our November blues.

Miguel, Charles, and Sasha admire the brilliant blooms.


Serenata said...

Lovely bright and cheerful flowers to brighten the room. The boys look lovely and snug in their winter clothes.

DollMum said...

It is beginning to be a big dull and grim as November draws on - the last of the bright leaves are falling from the trees here so at least we still have some colour to enjoy, but almost universal grey skies. So a bunch of flowers is a lovely way to brighten up a damp autumnal day. The boys look very pleased with the vase of flowers.

Dee said...

Beautiful colour flowers to brighten those dull days.
Although it's gone cold here we still have a few blooms doing their best to bring a little colour to the garden and the trees in the lanes and surrounding countryside are still managing to hold onto their lovely golden leaves at present.
But soon the plants will go to sleep and a lovely bunch of flowers indoors will be all we have to remind us that spring is a few months away!