Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Daddy Steve:  Last Thanksgiving the boys had a lot of fun assembling the turkey craft kit I got for them (and it kept them out of my hair while I made dinner).  It was such a success that I decided I had to find another project for them to work on this year..but what?

Once again, Target came to the rescue--a 'Thankful' tree kit.

It's a heavy felt tree with acorns and paper leaves as decoration.  You can write down messages of what you're thankful for on the leaves and then hang them on the tree.  I thought it would be a nice way for the boys to reflect on the things that are important to them.  If they wanted to embellish their thoughts with a little artwork, that was fine too.  Creativity is always encouraged in Gregoropolis!

The only problem was that the kit came with only a dozen leaves.  >Ahem<   Now, I must admit that I have more than a dozen boys.  Exactly how many more I'm not going to divulge (here, or to Daddy John).  Let's just say that we needed quite a few more leaves.

So, I assembled my 'A-Team' and put them to work making extra leaves.  Some of the boys have short attention spans, but I can always count on these five to get the job done.

The A-Team at work

Sasha and Miguel used the leaves that came with the kit as patterns to trace out more, while Patrick and Ravi cut them out.

Meanwhile, Kaveh tied the strings to each leaf.

Ravi: Oops, I cut into one of the lines a little.
Miguel: That's fine.  It doesn't have to be perfect.
Patrick: Real leaves aren't perfect; that's how you know they're real.

Kaveh: These knots are tricky to tie.
Sasha: Would you like to switch jobs?  I'm good at knots--I get them in my shoelaces all the time!

With all of the leaves made, we were ready for Thanksgiving Day.  

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Gregoropolis!


Serenata said...

Good work boys and a very happy Thanksgiving 🦃😊🍰

SimplySasha said...

The A team are A-mazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee said...

Happy Thanksgiving and that tree looks like a fun project to do.
Looking forward to seeing the results.

twizel said...

Fantastic post, love the tree and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving

NeverUschi said...

Well done boys! The tree will look so much nicer with the extra leaves you made.