Friday, November 17, 2017

Smoothing Ruffled Feathers

Daddy Steve:  Giancarlo is still a little miffed about Emile's 'help' during his Italian culture presentation.  The boys are trying to cheer him up while I wait for a package in the mail--a package I'm quite sure will improve his mood.

Kaveh: But Emile meant well.  He really thought he was helping.
Giancarlo: Hmmph.
Ravi: It was still a very nice presentation.  We all enjoyed it.
Luke: We sure did.  It was so funny to watch your face turn all red.

Kaveh & Ravi: LUKE!

Giancarlo: I was humiliated in front of tutto il mundo!
Luke: That's not true.  Hardly anyone reads our blog anyway.

Blake: Hey, Giancarlo!  You got a package in the mail.  It's from Marti Murphy.
Giancarlo: La donna who makes le belle scarpe?  Let me see!

Giancarlo: These shoes! They are amazing!
Kaveh: Try them on.

Giancarlo: Sì, sì!  Perfetto!  You know, we Italians have a great appreciation for fine footwear.
Blake: Nice!
Kaveh: Very stylish!
Ravi: Hello Gorgeous!
Giancarlo:  I feel just like one of the fashionable giovane that you see in Milano.
Luke: Mill-on-o?  Where's that?  Is it near Stockport?


Serenata said...

Wonderful shoes that I am sure helped to make him feel more cheerful. Love this style. I have a pair that JJ made. 🙂

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I am glad the shoes cheered him up after he had the limelight "borrowed" from him so unceremoniously!

Dee said...

How sweet of his brothers to try and cheer him up after Emile's 'Help' and what a lovely pair of Euro shoes from Marti Murphy.
Giancarlo being of Italian blood knows a great pair of shoes when he sees them , Italians love their leather goods :)