Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Change of Mood

Daddy Steve:  I've never seen the mood at Gregoropolis change so abruptly.  Take a look...

Blake: Ooooh, what have we here?
Holly Belle: Some new shoes from Marti Murphy just arrived in the mail!
Emile: So stylish.  Eet ees what all of ze fashionable garçons parisiens are wearing.
Daisy: These will go perfectly with my new spring dress.
Holly Belle: I just adore pink!

 It was at that point Daddy Steve had to break the unfortunate news.


Sorry, sweeties, but I bought these shoes for the upcoming Sasha Festival.  They're for the gift exchange and helper raffle.  I promise that I'll bring you back some more lovely shoes from Marti.  And other surprises, too!

Blake: Well, okay, I guess
Holly Belle: If I live that long...
Emile: I will just 'ave to go barefoot, like ze street urchin.
Daisy: Waiting is agony.


Dee said...

Ha ha Poor children! So close and yet so far! This is the problem with children if it looks the right size then it's just got to be for them!

And poor Emile having to lead the life of a street urchin until daddy Steve returns from the festival laden down with all the presents he's now going to have to buy to bring the smiles back on the children's faces...Did you sell that kidney yet?
Such a so sorry for themselves photo at the end there.... Daddy Steve.....

Kendal said...

Such disappointment. Naughty Daddy Steve! I always try to put FAMILY first!
Hope that you're saving madly now for all those promised Festival goodies.
I shall cerytainly be watching THIS SPACE to see what you bring back.

Gregor Daddies said...

Yes, the pressure really is on Daddy Steve to bring home some premium loot! We don't want to start a revolt in Gregoropolis.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

oh, I was afraid there'd be some issues! I don't envy you, Daddy'd better put on your best running shoes and hit that sales room early!!

NeverUschi said...

I can understand the kids are disappointed (and such a sweet photo!). You'll have to try hard to find evenly nice shoes at the festival!
The upside is, now they have something to look forward to.