Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back Home Again

Daddy Steve:  Everyone here at Gregoropolis is happy because Daddies John and Steve are back home again after a week-long trip to southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Daddy John is fascinated with genealogy and wanted to do some research on his colonial ancestors.  This meant spending a lot of time at libraries and historical societies, as well as exploring some very old cemeteries. 

We didn't take any of the kids along as we thought they would find it boring (frankly, Daddy Steve found it a little boring at times-but Daddy John had a good time).  The big payoff is that we discovered where Daddy John's 7x great-grandfather was buried in 1730.  It was a little Quaker burial ground in a small village.

Of course, we had to bring back some presents for the kids.  We did have one free day when we went to Newport, RI and toured some of the amazing Gilded Age mansions, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt's home The Breakers.  The rooms were all very grand, but the most interesting was the enormous kitchen with its dozens of gleaming copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling.  At the gift shop, I bought some miniature copper cookware that was perfectly Sasha-sized.

Emile: Fine copper cookware is an important part of any great French chef's batterie de cuisine!

A stop for supplies at a local Target yielded these little storage units, which are perfect for the boys' bedroom.  Maybe it will encourage them to tidy up after themselves.  Or not.

I haven't bought much in the way of toys for the girls, so I really had to get something for them.  Thank goodness for airport gift shops!  I picked up this Peppa Pig figure at Logan Airport in Boston.

The girls were thrilled with Peppa, and promptly organized a welcome tea party in her honor.

Even Rhoda agreed to attend, although she added her own, unique style to the occasion.


Dee said...

Sounds like you had a great time searching for your family and so nice to have found where one was buried.
I'd have loved a look around those old houses, I just love anything to do with old houses and decor etc.
The copper pots and pans are just perfect ! How lucky was that to find them there. The little drawers are also great , left open with things hanging out reminds me of how Paul likes to use his drawer unit!Must be a male thing?
Soooooo Many girls now seem to have arrived at Gregoropolis, you'll need to be careful or they made be after you adding a subtitle to the blog name ;)
Looks like everyone is just hanging out and enjoying themselves over, which is just lovely x

Serenata said...

Looks like John had a fruitful trip indeed, always interesting (putting aside the boring bits) to find out about one's ancestry and also visiting various places. I did a lot of family history research when I first came to England, before any of it was available on the internet - lots of visiting places, old archives etc. Fascinating.

Those copper pots are fantastic and how wonderful that the souvenir shop did perfect size miniatures - that is a lucky find indeed!

The girls look like they are enjoying their 'Welcome Peppa Pig' tea party. does this mean SEVEN girls now? ;)

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Lorraine,

Yes, the girls are increasing in number in what was originally a boys club.

Just FYI: I hope to come to England within the next couple of years to do a big round of genealogical research--specifically Lincolnshire. Of course we also want to get in some sight-seeing and meet our Sasha friends, too!
xx John

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee -

Yes, the girl population has certainly increased! This is of some concern to the boys, however since there are so many of them as well, I don't think they have much cause for alarm. Daddy Steve went through a very short phase where he was incapable of resisting any early 70's brunette girl described as having non-falling hair.

Triciamj said...

A great weekend for the dads and fantastic gifts for the kids. Im not sure I'd cope with a Minnesota winter or summer :-)

Kendal said...

Catching a glimpse of all those girls made me think that I was viewing the WRONG Blog! One, two, then three...and now SEVEN! Bet that they are giving your Gregor lads 'the run around!'
Especially love those miniature copper saucepans.

Ginger said...

I am glad you had a nice trip seeking out your ancestors and where they lived and their burial sites. The copper pots are wonderful. Very high end for your boy’s cooking adventures.. Your girls are lovely and what a nice tea party. 😊 xxx

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Is it my imagination or are there more girls!?! I thought that once one had her tiny foot in the door there would be a takeover!!! The boys better watch out!!