Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer Pleasures

Daddy Steve: Here in Minnesota, where we live, winter lasts a long time.  Through the months of cold and darkness we wait for summer's return.  We wait and wait and wait.

Giancarlo: I don't think summer will ever come.

Strangely enough, when summer does finally arrive, we find ourselves wondering why we were ever so keen on it in the first place.

Ezra: It's too hot out here!
Holly Belle: The humidity is making my hair very unmanageable!
Emile: Ze mozquitoes!  Zey bite and bite!
Rolf:  >Achoo!<  Ach! Der pollen makes me sneeze!

It seems as though we're never completely happy with summer.

Sebastian: Drat!
Daphne: Phooey!
Robin: Why did it have to rain? Our picnic is ruined!

Giancarlo: Why is it so dry?  Our plants are wilting!

Even though it seldom suits us, the summer still seems to go by much too quickly.

Anthony: I'll never get these home repairs done by fall!

Tyler: Oh no!  School starts in just one month!
Mikko: Yikes!

John Martin: You can tell the sun is setting a little earlier.
Duncan: >Sigh<

As usual, Kaveh offers some words of wisdom.

Kaveh: Like all important things, we want our summer to be perfect.  We want every day to be the ideal summer day.  Of course, reality is never perfect.  We can't truly enjoy summer until we embrace that imperfection.

Miguel: Take a deep breath, relax, and let go.
Sasha: Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Serenata said...

I am loving our summer, it feels like at last we are having a REAL summer for a change! Yes it is hot, but if you treat it like a holiday and take it easy, relax, read and just enjoy then it really is a treat indeed. To have so much sunshine and blue skies, is a good way to soak up all that Vitamin D which is needed for our health. Kaveh has some good advice and it looks like Miguel and Sasha have the right idea too.

Enjoy it while it lasts, the days are getting shorter here as well, it is not so light as early in the morning now as it was a couple of weeks ago, it is quite noticeable the difference.

Dee said...

Kaveh That's far too deep for me! I like my summer in bursts ! A few days of sunny weather where everyone dresses bright and light, then a few days with cloud attached , so it's still nice but cool enough to enjoy, then a couple of days of inclement weather, so we all have something to moan about and then rejoice when the sun returns!
That's my favourite type of summer

Ginger said...

Adorable post and so very true. No matter the weather, there are few perfect days for most of us. Plus your perfect weather may not be my idea of perfect weather. We certainly have no power over our weather and must make the best of it come what may. Usually I find that when the next season comes around, I am very much ready for it. So I am thankful for our 4 seasons. 😊

Your Sasha kids are so beautifully dressed and I love your photos taken indoors and outdoors. That bunk bed is so nice! 😊 xxx

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Ginger. The bunk bed is an older American Girl piece.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Summer is not the time of year we look forward to here...they would have a lot more to complain about! lol! But, no matter what your favorite season, it is never long enough and you never do enough fun stuff during it! These kids have figured out a large part of life...and at such a young age!