Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fashion or Food?

Daddy Steve:  When girls started moving into Gregoropolis earlier this year, I rather naively assumed that things wouldn't change much clothing-wise.  My girls were all likely to be on the tomboyish side and wear the same outfits as the boys.  Or so I thought. 

Boy, was I wrong...

Holly Belle: Daddy Steve gets the most outlandish ideas sometimes!
Meghan: Well, he is getting up there in years.

Yes, all my girls are big fans of 'cute little dresses.'  Except one...

Rhoda: Dresses?!  Blech!

Rhoda absolutely refuses to wear dresses.  The other girls have tried to persuade her to no avail.

Daisy: But you would look so pretty in this.  Won't you at least try it on?
Rhoda: NOOOOOOOO!!! You're not turning me into a cake!
Frederick: What does she mean by that?
Daphne: Oh, who knows with that girl.

Eventually we figured out that Rhoda was referring to 'doll cakes' -- those rather odd but popular features of a little girl's birthday party .  They're basically a mound-shaped cake decorated to resemble a ball gown with a 12-inch fashion doll trapped stuck in the center.

Rhoda is firmly determined that this will not happen to her.

Harriet: It does seem rather messy.
Frank: If I could eat my way out, I'd wear that dress!
Meghan: You're so weird, Frank.

The girls managed to convince Rhoda to give 'separates' a try.  Ann Marie is a stickler for details (she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up); she successfully argued that a dress and a skirt & top combo were two different things.

Ann Marie: Oh yes, that looks so lovely on you!  Doesn't she look lovely?
Oliver: Huh? Oh, yeah, very nice.
Holly Belle: Now don't you feel pretty?
Rhoda: Blech!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Daddy are soooo naive! But, I guess you are finding that out! Rhoda is her own woman, but I don't blame her for not wanting to be made into a cake! lol!

Dee said...

Sometimes a love of dresses comes later in life or never! I'm sure Rhoda may cast her eyes upon a dress when she in her teens and wonder should she.... or she may just find a lovely pair of trousers and a flattering top !

But I'm sure she'll make sure she's well away from Frank should he ever find himself dressed as a cake!

Daddy Steve is on a learning curve now all these girls have arrived to 'pretty' the place up :) My boys send their sympathy

Ginger said...

Poor Frank! He is so outnumbered today. I agree with him that the cake dress might be tolerable in order to have all that yummy cake! Good luck Daddy Steve with the new girls on the block.. Life will never be the same to be sure! 😊 xxx

Kendal said...

'What a difference a GIRL (ooops sorry, a DAY) makes!