Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gino's Pizzeria

Daddy Steve: The basil that Wyatt and Giancarlo planted this spring has done extremely well.

Wyatt: Wow!  Look how big it grew!
Giancarlo: We do have a green thumb after all.

So, we've been enjoying the flavor of fresh basil here at Gregoropolis.  It's wonderful in a simple salad of chopped tomatoes and a splash of vinaigrette.  

The boys really wanted to try it on homemade pizza.

Wyatt:  Yeah, I love pizza!
Giancarlo: Let's ask Gino if he'll help us.

Gino: Of course I know all about making pizza!  After all, my name is Gino, isn't it?

Gino: The secret to great pizza is in the crust.  First, you have to twirl it like this.
Giancarlo: How do you do that?!
Gino: Years of practice, amico

Gino: Okay, it's ready to bake.  We'll top it with the basil after we take it out of the oven.
Giancarlo: To preserve the fresh flavor?
Gino: Precisamente!

Gino: And now, finito!
Wyatt: It smells delicious!

Frank: >sniff, sniff<  I smell pizza.
Giancarlo: It must be good if it woke him up!


Kendal said...

Love your lads cooking posts... although I don't eat Pizzas myself.
Must have taken you ages to put together with all these delightful details involved.

Dee said...

What a lovely post of the boys making homemade Pizza, so good that they want to cook fresh food and not just get it from the freezer or delivered.

I love your retro kitchen , it's just perfect

Ginger said...

Lovely to see the fresh basil and I Ilove the taste of basil. Your kitchen set up is so nice and I remember seeing pink and turquoise kitchen appliances years ago. I can see why they were popular with the bright cheery colors. The pizza looks very tasty so way to go Gino! Frank better watch snooze, you lose...😉 xxx

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

wow, Gino can really spin a crust!! he wasn't exaggerating about his Italian heritage, apparently! Looks delicious, wish I was there for a slice!