Friday, September 28, 2018

Never Mess With A Posh Girl

Daddy Steve: Normally Daphne is cool and composed.  Nothing ever seems to upset her.

Daphne: You see, sweetie, I'm rather posh.  We posh folk are just naturally blasé about everything.

The other day, however, something happened that set her blood a-boiling.  It started when she, Miguel, and Sasha were studying an art history book...

Sasha: Look at that!

Miguel: That's a statue of Apollo and Daphne, by the sculptor Bernini.
Daphne: That's my name!  What's happening to her?
Miguel: She's turning into a tree.  You see, Apollo was consumed with desire for Daphne, but she wasn't interested in him.  He pursued her, and when she could no longer run away she turned into a tree to escape him.

Sasha: Gosh!
Daphne: Hmmmm.  Is that so?
Miguel: Um, well, according to mythology.  Eep.

Sasha: Where are you going?
Daphne: I've got something to say to somebody!

Daphne: Oi, mate, if you think I'm going to turn into a tree just because of you, then you've got another thing coming!

Holly Belle: You go, girl!
Daisy: What did he say?
Daphne: Oh, he just stood there, stone-faced.
Ann Marie: Hmmmf.  Men!


Kendal said...

Totally loved this! Many thanks.

Dee said...

Hahaha , Loved this, Daphne is not a girl to be messed with! These days she'd have probably maced him and taken out a restraining order !

That's a lovely statue of Apollo she was confronting , I hope he doesn't feel the need to hide from her wrath :)

DollMum said...

Your Daphne is a tough cookie! I'm glad she has decided not to turn into a tree just because Apollo is interested in her.

Ginger said...

So nice to see Daphne is taking charge and facing Apollo even though he is so big! What a brave girl! I enjoyed seeing your kids and the nice garden photo. 😊 xxx

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Daphne's wrath might have turned Apollo into stone if he wasn't already! A take charge girl for sure!

twizel said...

Don't mess with Daphne, your boys must be quaking in their boots, I see mischievous deeds ahead in the future and look forward to reading about them.