Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Cold Week

Daddy Steve:  It was an absolutely frigid week here in Gregoropolis.  How frigid, you ask?  On Tuesday night the low was -28°F, with a wind chill of -50°F (that would be -33.3C and -45.5°C). By any measurement, that's darn cold!

"Am I inside or am I outside?" ponders Holly Belle.  The truth is that stately Gregoropolis Manor is really a drafty old barn.  When the temp plummets, many parts of the house, such as the front hall, feel more like the outdoors than the indoors.

Holly Belle It's good timing that we got this warm outerwear set at the Sasha Festival last year!

To combat the frigid invasion, we keep the doors shut and use rugs to block drafts.

And the portable electric heater follows us from room to room.

The kids stay warm by snuggling under fleece blankets...

Duncan: What if it never warms up?
Oliver: I'm sure it will.  By July.

...and drinking lots of hot tea and cocoa.

Kaveh: Is Earl Grey okay?
James: Thanks, as long as it's hot.

The cold weather brings out a lot of...interesting fashion choices.  Back when Daddy Steve and Daddy John started school, many girls still wore dresses to class.  However, when it was very cold they would often wear slacks or jeans underneath.  Daphne and Harriet thought they would give it a try.

Daphne: It's not haute couture, but at least we're keeping warm.
Harriet: We can be fashionable in the springtime.
Rhoda: Well, I see you two are finally dressing sensibly!


  1. Girls tell daddy Steve and daddy John that back in my day when we wore dresses to school every day that we were required to! I used to wear snow pants under my dress and it was toasty. Now rules are more sensible! If you all get too cold you can come stay here where it was about 100* warmer!!


  2. Now that IS COLD! We wimps here in Sasha Village complain when it gets to -5c, goodness knows what we'd do at those temperatures... probably all stay in bed and burn things in the fireplace following the film The day after Tomorrow!

    I'm with those girls , trousers with dresses and any other layer that will save me from freezing to death ! Some time fashion just has to be thrown out the window in favour of keeping warm! Hey girls you lose heat through your heads.. where's your hats ?

    I hope it warms up for you all soon and much sooner than July!!

  3. Wow! That is not good! Thank goodness you have a roof over your head and aren't outside sleeping rough somewhere. It feels thoroughly tropical here we are -5C at the moment but no snow so that is a blessing. Keep warm , look after each other and look forward to the expensive energy bills when they come in :)

  4. That is definitely WAY TOO COLD! I don't think I would survive, even if I have got my very own internal central heating system at the moment :D

    Glad they are finding ways of keeping warm, that is very important. I don't think I'd get out of bed if it was that cold!

  5. Oh my! That is beyond cold Steve, it is Arctic, sub zero, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr conditions! I thought of you and John during this time when they reported the weather across the country. Our -22 degrees Fahrenheit was warm compared to your temperatures! So glad you had JoAnn’s super warm coat handy and I bet everyone there wanted one! A great post and we had wildly high temperatures yesterday at 75 degrees and today we are going down quickly to freezing temperatures. Very strange for February. 😊 xxx

  6. There is NO WAY that I would survive in those minus temperatures. So feel for your dolls.
    Layers is definitely the way to go girls.