Saturday, February 9, 2019

La Vida Es Sueño

Benjamin Roy: Hi Pete, how was soccer practice?
Pete Dakota: Wow, I'm beat.  The coach really put us through our paces.
BR: Come sit down and rest up.

Pete Dakota: Whew, that's better.  What are you up to?
BR: Oh, I was just listening to some music and surfing the 'Net.  Stephen Orange isn't working on anything, so I got some actual computer time.
Pete: That's cool.  Is it Barbie and Skipper's turn to make lunch today?
BR: What?

Pete: What what?
BR: What did you say?  Who are Barbie and Skipper?
Pete: What?  I asked if Holly Belle and Daphne making lunch.  Who are Barbie and Skipper?
BR: Yeah, who are they?!
Pete: What are you talking about, Ken?

BR: KEN?!?  BEN, not Ken!
Pete: What?  I said Kenjamin!
BR: I'm telling Daddy Big Jim on you!

BR: >GASP<  What the heck was that?!?!


  1. Ha ha ha !What a nightmare indeed! I thought for a minute it was them all grown up ! But thankfully it was just BR having a bad dream !
    He doesn't want to turn into a ken doll when he's older or even next week, he wants to enjoy his very very long childhood :)

  2. lol, that had me going!! The names were the same but the faces sure weren't! BR must have eaten something before bed that didn't agree with him to create such weird dreams. Glad Daddy John was there to soothe him.

  3. Clever post but so relieved that it was only a dream/nightmare.... as I'm not a fan of any other dolls other than the Sasha Dolls.

  4. Wonderful! Just love it. Poor boy, what a nightmare eh? A bit of variety is the spice of life. Great to have a few 'surprises' every now and again.