Friday, June 21, 2019

A Session With Dr. Kaveh

Kaveh: So, Peter, what have you been thinking about?
Pete Dakota: I don't know.  Nothing, I guess.
Kaveh: BR and Nicholas both told me that you've been a bit jumpy lately.  Tell me about that.

Pete: There's nothing to tell.  BR promised he'd help me pack for our trip, but worked on his dumb ol' motorcycle instead.

Kaveh: He did come to help, though, didn't he?  And he apologized for losing track of time?

Pete: Yes, but...
Kaveh: Are you all packed?  Or, at least have your clothes sorted out?

Pete: >small sob<  I'm sorry...

Kaveh: You've nothing to be sorry about.  You're a good guy who's a little overwhelmed.  So, tell me, what's got you so rattled?  It's not about the packing, is it?
Pete: No, it's not.  I'm scared...
Kaveh: Tell me what's got you scared.

Pete: The airplane!  I'm scared of the airplane and flying!

Kaveh: Now we've got it!  Excellent work, Peter.  Give me just a minute would you?
Pete: >sniffles< O-okay.

Kaveh: This is Daddy Steve's model plane.  We'll get you through this.  Let's talk...


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

let's hope Dr. Kaveh can make a difference....time is running out!

Gregor Daddies said...

We think Pete's apprehension will be calmed quickly; he's a lot stronger & braver than he gives himself credit for. He's very excited for the Festival! DJ

Dee said...

Oh Poor Pete! Let's hope it's all the excitement that's also causing his worries about flying. I'm sure Dr Kaveh can give him some help and tips to see him through the flight or someone may have a very squeezed hand by the time you touch down.. and there is always strong drink...... tea! what did you think I meant?? ;)