Friday, June 7, 2019

Prepping for Cincinnati (BR and Pete Dakota)

Daddy John:  Things in Gregoropolis today are not cool, calm, or collected...

Pete Dakota: You promised!  You said you'd help me!

Benjamin Roy: I said I was sorry!  I lost track of time working on my motorcycle!  I'm here now!

Pete Dakota: You like that dumb ol' bike more than me!  
BR: >Sigh<  I'm here now, Pete.  I'll help pack.
Pete Dakota: Mmmmff.

BR decides to try the 'peace offering' tactic...

BR: Look, I bought you your own motorcycle jacket.  So we can go riding together.

Pete Dakota: ...
BR: ...
Pete Dakota: For me?
BR: Of course!  Who else would I want to take on my bike?
Pete Dakota: Well, it is a nice jacket.  And it feels pretty cool...
BR: I knew you'd like it.

Pete Dakota: That's not the point!

Pete Dakota: Here's what you can do with the jacket!
BR: >Sigh<

Will the best buddies make up before the big Sasha Fest in 3 weeks?  I guess we'll know when we see who shows up with me in Ohio!

Meanwhile, Stephen Orange and Nicholas Sahara have escaped to the backyard for some quiet...

Stephen Orange: There. This is more like it, isn't it Nicholas?
Nicholas: Too true, Stephen, too true.


Dee said...

Goodness it's all happening at yours! I'm sure Pete Dakota will have calmed down and be wanting that jacket back before the festival!
Benjamin Roy knows how to calm a situation...not... well not this time ;)
Stephen Orange and Nicholas have it right.. stay well away from all the drama and catch a few rays.

Serenata said...

Oh dear ructions at Gregoropolis....not good. I understand those packing woes! I hope they make up - I am sure they will. Stephen Orange and Nicholas have the right idea.

I can't believe the festival is in only three weeks time! So sad we can't come yet again.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

the closer the festival gets, the more frayed the nerves will be. Sasha has her suitcase out and you know we are having shoe issues....the color must be perfect! No doubt she and Pete Dakota will have a lot to talk about (uncooperative folks around them!)