Saturday, July 20, 2019

Gear and Groovy

Daddy Steve:  My grandmother was quite the seamstress.  She used to have multiple shoe boxes in her closet stuffed with sewing patterns-- Butterick, Simplicity, and McCall's.  I've always loved the illustrations on the pattern envelopes.  They are so evocative of their time. 

 A while back, I came upon this charming pattern illustration:

No doubt these patterns were inspired by the works of 1960s fashion designer Mary Quant.

Such a fun, youthful look; I thought it would be perfect for the girls.  So, I asked Ginny of A Passion For Sasha if she would replicate it, and, as always, she gamely accepted the challenge.  The girls are absolutely thrilled with the results.

Don't they look like models?  Alright girls, strike your best poses!




Of course, it does no good to be all dressed up with no place to go.  The girls figured there was only one logical solution - go shopping!  And what better shopping venue than 1960s London?

Looks like they found some groovy gear!

After all of that running around, the girls admitted to being a bit peckish.  Where exactly would fashionable young girls lunch in 1960s London?  Do our readers have any ideas?  Preferably someplace cheap & cheerful as they've spent most of their money already!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful to really go shopping at those stores?! The girls do look smashing!

Dee said...

Lyon's corner house was a place to eat back in the sixties. I love the dresses Ginny's made from the 60's pattern. Ginny is great how she can make our clothing dreams come true!
I remember having those Simplicity, Butterick and Mccall patterns back then. In the early seventies I once made two Maxi dresses totally by hand, due to no sewing machine, for my future MIL and myself to attend an evening party.
Loving that they continued their shopping into those most famous of 60's shops

Serenata said...

They look fabulous! I particularly like Valerie's dress. What fun! Hope you found somewhere nice to eat in 1060s London girls.

Triciamj said...

Groovy outfits and the carrier bags are fab too