Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tales of the Festival (2)

Daddy John: It's Saturday at the 2019 Sasha Festival in Cincinnati and you know what that means...

The sales room!

Our loot.  The kids are anxious to get it all home and try everything on!

Mikey is unsure of Daddy Steve's attempt at the hippo hat from the crafts session.  He much prefers Holly Belle's festival souvenir bonnet.

Daddy John: I had my eye on this leather jacket & shirt combo from the Helper's Raffle.  Alas, it was not my ticket drawn.

BR, Pete Dakota, and Holly Belle all dressed up in their finery for Saturday night's dinner.

Saturday was a busy day, so little Mikey conked out early.

Mikey: Night-night!

All too soon it was Sunday and time to say goodbye.  Most surprising news: the 2022 festival is scheduled for Portland, OR!  

We also heard about our 'sister festival' in England, the Sasha Celebration Weekend (SCW) held this past May.  A number of SCW attendees were also at Sasha Fest, so showed off their 'charity dolls.'

L to R: Ginger, Mary, Florence, Cathy, Beth, Lee, Tricia, and Brenda

Hugs, kisses, "See you next years", and time to part.  It was an extra-large Minnesota goodbye.

Holly Belle: Thank you, Aunt Heidi, for a wonderful time!

All packed up and lined up to head to the airport.

Pete Dakota: Oh, please, no turbulence this flight!

BR and Pete receive a jubilant welcome home from Nicholas and Stephen Orange.

Holly Belle (holding bonnet) shows off all the goodies from the Festival.


Serenata said...

Looks like you came home with a lovely lot of goodies! What a great time you all had.

Dee said...

What is not to love about a sale room! Especially one catering to our Sasha/Gregor family.
Looks like you found plenty to buy , Mikey's hat looks very summery :)
Nice you got to see the SCW charity dolls too