Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tales of the Festival (3) : The Clothes!

Daddy John & Daddy Steve: For our final report, what you've all been waiting for-- the outfits!

Steve commissioned a couple of outfits from Auntie Marti, and boy did she deliver! Meghan models the blue and Daphne shines in the green.

Meghan: We look fabulous
Daphne: We are fabulous.

BR has put on a t-shirt/overalls combo purchased from Auntie Sheila's sales table.  Perfect for working around the house; or his motorcycle!  Stephen Orange wears the Gregor-version of Friday night's souvenir outfit--a reptile-themed t-shirt and denim shorts.  The green hightops are part of the table hostess gift from Auntie Raquel.

Ann-Marie is wearing the Sasha-version of the souvenir outfit; same t-shirt but with a denim skirt and the sandals.  Wyatt is ready to give Steve Irwin a run for his money in Saturday night's complete 'Safari' souvenir outfit.  This outfit was a very big hit at the festival.

Finally, Nicholas Sahara is showing off the 'Koala' outfit Daddy John won at the CFA Auction.  It's called Koala as it came with a stuffed koala bear.  However, the shirt itself has an emu and boab tree pattern.  And Daddy John is embarrassed to say he's forgotten from whom he bought the sailor uniform Pete Dakota is dressed in; also whether it's a repro of an earlier festival souvenir outfit, or the actual outfit.  He does know the shoes are not part of the uniform; they are from Auntie Dawn from the gift exchange.


Serenata said...

They all look fabulous in their new clothes, what a great selection indeed. All very smart. I know who would love the Safari Outfit especially, so I am NOT letting him see this post! Gotta love a sailor as well. Pete Dakota would be right at home with my sailors! I could imagine them having a right old chin wag about their sea faring adventures.

Dee said...

Meghan and Daphne look very grown up in their Marti Couture outfits, those sandals on Daphne especially look fab.
You cannot go wrong with a pair of overalls or a reptile print t shirts and as for the Safari ( Steve Irwin ) outfit any Gregor would love to be wandering the jungle ( backyard ) in search of creatures dressed so!
Sailor outfits just look so good on our Sashas and Grgeors , looks like you had a very good shopping and festival experience . Thanks for sharing with us.