Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hunting Leprechauns

Daddy John:  The boys were ready for another round of 'King of the Hill' when they discovered the snow had all melted!  They were kind of bummed until I reminded them their Rose Cottage friends, Henry and Lewis, had recently gone looking for leprechauns.  Maybe they could do the same (and walk the dogs at the same time)?

Stephen Orange was all over this idea.  He immediately took charge and decided this would be a scientific expedition.  Of course, they must first plan and prepare themselves scientifically...

Stephen Orange: We are hunting leprechauns today; they are a devious breed, so we'll all need to be on our toes.  Remember, this is for science, so keep calm and take note of your surroundings.  Carefully observe the leprechaun; what is he doing?  How does he look?

Stephen: We'll break into two teams, with BR and myself as leads.  Grab your gear and we'll meet back here in five minutes.

Stephen, to himself: I wonder if I can get an article for Fortean Times out of this?

And soon enough...

Stephen: Sound off!  Stephen Orange; camera and notebook for field notes?  Check!
Stephen: BR;  back-up camera?
BR: Check, boss!
Stephen: Pete Dakota: flashlight for illuminating under the house and inside the hedges?
Pete: Uh, check?
Stephen: Nicholas Sahara; binoculars for preliminary recon and scanning the yard?
Nicholas: Sir, check, sir!

Stephen: Right.  Nicholas and I will go this way, you two go that way.  Remember to call out if you discover anything!

BR: Hey, I think this is where the girls saw that Snow-Ape a couple of months ago.
Pete: >Ulp<  Let's check out the other side of the yard now.

Denali and Annabelle, meanwhile, paid no attention to the boys and were just happy to be outside, playing in the yard.

Stephen: Well, nothing has been using the bird bath for quite some time.  Not even birds, it appears.

Nicholas: Great Richard the Third's Ghost!

Nicholas: Stephen!  Will come down from there this instant!

Nicholas: Peter!  Have you and Benjamin had any luck?  I do believe Stephen is off his chump with this expedition nonsense.  I do so hope we go inside soon.
Pete: We haven't seen anything...but I swear I saw that Christmas Elf out of the corner of my eye.
Nicholas: Oh, please don't fret so, mate.  Christmas is long over; I'm sure he's on holiday or in hibernation, or whatever it is elves do.

Later, back inside...

BR: Well, that was a bust.  I think the only leprechaun we'll find is on a box of Lucky Charms.

♣  Happy St. Patrick's Day from Gregoropolis! ♣


Dee said...

Happy St.Patricks day boys.
Such a shame you didn’t find your little green man but they can be very cunning and sly
So maybe it was for the best. Who knows what things of the green are lurking outside!…

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

valiant effort made by all...too bad there were no leprechauns to be found, lol!!