Sunday, March 22, 2020

Spring Break, Part 1

Holly Belle: I'm sick of winter!  I want to go somewhere warm.  Why can't we go somewhere warm?  Why can't we go to the beach?
Anthony: It's...complicated.

Robin: Actually, spring officially began a few days ago.
Holly Belle: Well, it sure doesn't feel like spring!

Robin: Hey, I've got an idea.  If we can't go to the beach, perhaps we can bring the beach to us.  Remember 'the beach'?
Holly Belle: Oh, yes!  The beach backdrop!  I forgot all about that.  Where did we put it?
Anthony: I think it's rolled up in the closet; the one you can barely open without stuff falling out.

Giancarlo and Wyatt: We found it!
Robin: Why are you wearing those hats?
Giancarlo: In case something fell on us.  That closet is a disaster area!
Holly Belle:  This is a start, I guess.  But it doesn't exactly feel like Florida in here.
Robin Hmm...we need to create some 'climate change.'

Anthony: Now don't tell Daddy Steve about this, or he'll go on and on about being driven to the poor house.
Wyatt: He talks a lot about the poor house.
Robin: Old people often do.

John Martin: Is it getting warm in here?
Holly Belle: Put on your swimsuit; the beach party is about to start!
Barbara and Beatrix: Did we hear someone say 'party'?!



Triciamj said...

Great planning kids! You have inspired me to have a sort out of our hall cupboard - I may need to borrow your hard hat!

Dee said...

What a great idea having a home beach.. not sure about the heating though, Dady Steve could well land up in that poor house if that beach party lasts too long!
Mind you sometimes it's good to throw caustion to the wind and enjoy life.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all enjoying some rays...

Linda said...

A brilliant idea, bringing the beach into the house! I think we all have a closet that requires wearing a hardhat ;D.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your stories, so imaginative, and each character so individual. They really do make my day!

Please keep them coming in these gloomy times - and thank you for making me laugh with each new adventure....