Saturday, March 14, 2020

What We're Reading, Part 2

Daddy Steve: You may recall that in addition to loving books, the Gregoropolis kids are also quite fond of lighthouses...and who wouldn't be?  Lighthouses are just plain cool!  Naturally, a book about lighthouses is sure to be a hit.

Daphne: Here's a book about lighthouses on eBay!
Sasha: Wow!  It looks really cool!
Miguel: Let's ask Papi Esteban if we can get it.
Meghan: Does it have a 'buy-it-now' button?

I was more than happy to buy it for the kids.  Normally we have excellent luck with things we purchase on eBay; unfortunately this time proved to be an exception.  The book was water-stained and filthy dirty.  It was fit only for the trash.

Meghan: Well, that was disappointing.
Miguel: Sí, ¡Qué lástima!
Daphne & Sasha:  >Sigh!<

Daddy Steve does not give up easily.  I soon tracked down and ordered another copy.  When it arrived, however, there was a different problem...

Daphne: I wonder why they packed it in such a big envelope?

Daddy Steve wasn't too good at reading the fine print this time!  Apparently the book also comes in a 'big people' size, too.

Sasha: Gosh, it's going to take all four of us just to open it and turn the pages!

Fortunately, the third time, as they say, is the charm.  And speaking of charms, we're all 'charmed' by the little lighthouse charm (missing from the first copy) that came with the book!

Meghan: This is my favorite book of all time!
Sasha: Mine too!
Daphne: Mine too!
Miguel: ¡El mío también!

1 comment:

Dee said...

What a great little book ! I love that little lighthouse charm attached to it too.
Alas sometimes things we see on ebay etc are not always up to scratch and more than once I have not looked at the 'small 'print and something some what outsized as arrived in the village! and the kids will always remember to bring it up... do you remember when mum bought that bed? you could have got the whole village in it and still had room for those dogs!
Why do they always remember the mistakes and never the triumphs !

So I applaud your third time success :)