Saturday, August 1, 2020

Stephen's Big News

Stephen Orange: Camera, check.  Spade, check.  Trowel, check.  Let's see, hmm...

Scot-Michael: Hi Stephen Orange!  How are you?
Stephen Orange: Busy.
Nicholas: >tut-tut<  Manners, Stephen

Stephen Orange: >sigh<  If you must know, I am inventorying my archaeological equipment.
Nicholas: Whatever for, Stephen?
Stephen Orange: >sigh<  I've been asked by the S.C.S.F.W.F. (Sasha Consortium Searching For Weird Fossils) to join them on a dig.  I leave in a week to assist in digging for as yet undiscovered marine fossils.
Nicholas: Well, I'll be blowed!

Stephen Orange: Yes, it's a highly prestigious invitation.  I -- 
Scot-Michael: How do you use this thing?!
Stephen Orange: Hey! Put that down!  You're messing up my tools!

Nicholas: Er, come along, Scot-Michael.  We'll leave you to it, Stephen.
Stephen Orange: >grumble grumble< ...have to start over...>grumble, grumble<
Nicholas: We'll give you a proper send-off before you leave. 
Stephen Orange: No, no, you don't ---
Nicholas: I'll brook no argument!  A little knees-up is just what's needed!  
Gordon Bennett, this is exciting!

Stephen Orange: >sigh<  A party?  >sigh<  The next week can't pass fast enough.


Dee said...

Have a great time Stephen, I hope you find some fossils and become famous.
So a party to send you on your way, thats nice of Nicholas, to send you back to his homeland with a good old knees up.

Serenata said...

Ooh an archaeological dig,now that does sound exciting. Hope you find some interesting treasures Stephen Orange.

Linda said...

That will be an amazing adventure and opportunity, I hope the others will give Stephen some rest so he can check everything that he needs. I see that he has a very nice camera, and other neat stuff to take with him. :)

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I hope he can find some weird fossils....but then aren't all fossils a bit weird when you think about it? I have a fossil that is called a coprolite. That is indeed weird!

NeverUschi said...

Poor Stephen! But that week will pass and you will find some very weird fossils.
Have fun!

Gregor Daddies said...

Stephen Orange says: "I know what that is Aunt Marti! Ew."

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

This one is from a dinosaur too! How cool is that?!