Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Shirts for Christmas

Daddy John:  Both Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota received new shirts from Daddy Steve for Christmas and were very excited  to try them on and show them off.

Pete is sporting a white T-shirt with the Doctor Who logo; one of Daddy John's favorite TV shows.

BR's t-shirt has maroon sleeves and features the Bulldog mascot of Daddy John's alma mater, the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD's colors are maroon & gold).
Benjamin Roy:   Let's go, 'Dogs!

They also drew each other's names for exchanging presents.  Looks like great minds think alike!
Pete Dakota:  I like what you got me, BR!
Benjamin Roy:  I do too, Pete.  The others will call us twins!

Thank you, Daddy Steve!


Gregor Daddies said...

Daddy Steve says: Many thanks to Ginny of "A Passion For Sasha" for being Santa's helper and making these lovely shirts!

Serenata said...

These are great shirts, I was going to ask where you got them from as I am sure Henry will want to know as a few of his friends could do with some t shirts!

SimplySasha said...

Ginny is also my Sasha dressmaker, my vinyl crew will be jealous if they get to see your boys new tees!!

Angelo's Papa said...

The boys are lucky to have such a generous and thoughtful uncle! Beautiful Christmas gifts.

NeverUschi said...

My boys are a little envious - as they all have to wear sweaters knitted by Mummy - they believe it's uncool.
Great shirts!

Anonymous said...

These shirts are very cool, your boys are lucky!