Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy St. Valentine's Day 2017!

It's St. Valentine's Day and the boys have been hard at work making valentines: cutting, pasting, coloring!  What fun!

Tyler has made a valentine for Daddy John.

Tyler: Do you think he will be surprised?

Anthony is showing Mikko how to make a paper heart.

Anthony: ...and then you cut like this.  Then, when you unfold it, you have a heart!  
See? Now, you try it.

Mikko has a little trouble at first.

Mikko: Hmmm, my heart came out a little pointy.
Anthony: Try another.  You'll get the hang of it.

Bowie has put a lot of work into a very special valentine.  He's obviously quite smitten!

Bowie: I hope she likes it.

Meanwhile, Frank has already found his true love.

Frank: cream!  My favorite!

Happy St. Valentine's Day from all of us in Gregoropolis!


Serenata said...

Happy Valentines from all at Rose Cottage! Hope you all have a great day and don't eat too many chocolates Frank, or you might end up feeling ill!

SimplySasha said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Much Love to BOWIE
ReBeL xx

I have sent you a message via our blog xx
Hope we can arrange an EXCHANGE TRIP and meet up in the Summer if you are up to it :)

Dee said...

I'm with Frank, chocolates,yum yum :) Happy Valentine's day to all, what a fine heart Mikko made, some people's are quite pointy... ;)

Angelo's Papa said...

This is the cutest blog! Spread the love around, lads! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!