Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Doll for Patrick

Daddy Steve:  Patrick is a very studious boy.  He's always on a quest for more knowledge.  Lately, he had been reading all of our favorite blogs very intently.

Patrick:  So, what's everybody up to now?

After some careful consideration, he approached me with a request.

Patrick:  I think I should like to have a doll of my own.
Daddy Steve:  Oh?
Patrick:  Yes.  If I had a doll, I could read to him and teach him all sorts of things.  We could take tea together and have interesting conversations.  He would be my special friend.  After all, Sasha has his teddy; I know they have long discussions.

Sasha:  Come along, Teddy.  Daddy John asked us to fold the tea towels.  I will show you how.

Patrick:  Kaveh talks to his trains.

Kaveh:  Choo-choo, Bash!

Being the goodhearted parent that I am, I readily agreed.  So, we started looking for a doll.

Patrick:  He must be a friendly fellow, with a good personality.  Oh, and red hair would be nice, too.

After a fair amount of searching, we thought we had found the perfect one.  We ordered him and waited.  And waited.  Patrick can be quite impatient, although he tries hard not to be.  The other boys were sympathetic.

Patrick:  Argh!  He's never going to come!
Kaveh:  It's hard to wait for things.
Rolf:  Ja, ja.  Especially vhen you're small.  It makes the vait seem so much bigger.
Bowie:  I certainly thought I'd never get my guitar.

Finally, a few days later...

Giancarlo:  Hey Patrick!  You have a package!

Patrick quickly tore open that package and...

Patrick:  Oh boy!

I think we all know that feeling.

Patrick loves his new doll.  He's named him 'Herbert' and together they do all of the things Patrick imagined they would.

Special note: Herbert is an Erna Meyer doll and I think he looks exactly like a Course doll.  He's designed for 1/12 scale dollhouses.  In Sasha scale, however, we think he's perfect!


SimplySasha said...

What a wonderful Sasha parent you are! Great to see Bowie...Rebel sends her love!

Angelo's Papa said...

Herbert is so cute and what a great companion for Patrick. I can see that they are going to be fast friends. Now, he can buy all those wonderful wee things just the right size for Herbert and they can spend many hours playing together. You are the best daddy, Steve!

Dee said...

Thank goodness Patrick's doll arrived after such a wait! I know how he feels, we all want our dolls to arrive the same day we bought them nevermind days or even weeks later!
Herbert looks like the perfect companion, he even as his own tea set and chair! How lovely that Patrick can now share with him and read to him! what adventures they will have together :)